A Christmas Greeting – Thank YOU for a Great Year

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Our Favorite Gift: You

Christmas Radio

Thank YOU for a year of enthusiasm, encouragement, ideas, and most of all – listening!

FinalRune has grown by leaps in bounds in 2010, starting with our production of the pilot episode of Open Season and incredible Wall Street Journal coverage.

We went on to do our second live event, a laugh-out-loud live show and bean suppah with our friends at the Mad Horse Theater Company before releasing two original productions: the feature length Troll of Stony Brook and the short, candid War on Poverty.

Finally, our production season culminated on Halloween when WKIT, Stephen King’s rock station, broadcast the pilot of The Cleansed.

After a decade of working on the story (Fred has three manuscripts and two notebooks stuffed with story notes to prove it) production has finally begun on this timely and epic tale exploring a grim but hopeful post-oil future.

With 2011 on the horizon, The Cleansed consumes us. It is a massive, epic story, one that requires resources and support far beyond what we’ve ever needed to date. On the same token, the work is further reaching – as it explores the energy, social and political problems of today’s world in a way that only science fiction can.

We hope you will support us in this next leg of the journey, and you’ll hear from us soon with word on grantmaking efforts, special events, exclusive audio, schwag, and more.

But for now, we hope you’ll join us in this time of reflection, thankfulness, and meditation to prepare for the road ahead. We’re sure excited!

I’ll Be Listening for Christmas

Over on our sister podcast, Radio Drama Revival, we’re doing our FOURTH annual holiday radio fest!

Here’s some good, completely free drama for the season:

  • Twilight Zone Radio Drama – Authorized radio dramatizations of classic Twilight Zone TV episodes! The Gift delivered to humanity, and a Snow Angel and found in a mighty blizzard.
  • Chatterbox Audio Theater – Hear an original Christmas fable, Snow GlobePart 1 and Part 2. Also, don’t miss their splendid James Joyce adaptation Dead and Gone.
  • Quicksilver Radio Theatre – These guys are great. Last year we featured the Sherlock Holmes Christmas tale, The Blue Carbunkle (Part 1 and Part 2). You can also hear a haunting rendition of The Christmas Carol from deep in RDR’s archives

Ideas Percolating Over an Open Fire…

Just one final thank you for your time, your attention, your advice. In today’s jaded, media-saturated, economically recessed and politically gridlocked world, the simple treasure of you making time to listen to our shows and to let us know what you think means everything in the world.

We plan to keep doing this for many more years to come, and hope that you’re as thrilled to be on this ride as we are.

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