Field Recording Adventures in Belize, OR Adventure Leisure with young children

Prepping for my family’s recent trip to Belize, I struggled a lot to decide what gear to bring. Go big with amazing binaural sound kit? Stereo shotgun mic? ORTF like my pal Eric Mooney? My gut told me ‘go light’ and when I heard the same advice from world-traveler guru Tom Lopez, I was sufficiently […]

New eBook Teaches Filmmaking without the Camera

Call it the ‘unwritten chapter’ to most texts in Film Sound. This eBook provides simple, actionable tips and techniques for filmmakers who want to learn how to apply their craft to make movies without the camera. A survey of the challenges and opportunities in location audio drama production and a few tools (shot sheets and […]

The Cleansed – Season 3

Season 3 of our apocalyptic saga finds our heroes in a seemingly impossible situation, far from home and with the odds of surviving – let alone thwarting the machinery in Corinth – very low. But, the human spirit endures all, and Luke, Maria, Mark and Abraham resolve to escape the fallen city of Borderton at […]

Locke & Key

FinalRune Productions, working with AudioComics, in a production for Audible Studios, is pleased to announce the release of LOCKE & KEY, an epic audio saga based on the acclaimed graphic novel series by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez, and published by IDW. This lavish production was recorded on-location throughout New England in a creepy old farmhouse, […]

Locke and Key the Audio Drama now Available on Audible

A year after primary recording, months and months of post-production re-recording, sound design, original scoring, and mastering, we are proud to announce that Locke and Key, created by Joe Hill and Gabe Rodriguez, adapted for audio by FinalRune’s Fred Greenhalgh and AudioComics’s Elaine Lee, is now LIVE, and available for free, through Nov 4, 2015.

“Vampire at the Vernal Pool” Audio Toured Featured in Local Press

Our work with Biddeford High School students on a pilot project combining the art of theater as outdoors-experiential learning (and long-term hiker terror) was featured in local publication The Journal Tribune. Audio tours provide historic view of tri-city area Writes Liz Gottheld: Fred Greenhalgh of Final Rune Productions in Alfred wrote, directed and produced “Vampire […]

Audible Announces “Locke & Key” the Audio Drama, Adapted by FinalRune and AudioComics

FinalRune Productions is delighted to announce that Audible has announced a staggeringly innovative project: the adaptation of “Locke & Key” the epic graphic novel saga by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez, carried by IDW Publishing.  We worked on the script adaptation and field recording of the project, our friends at AudioComics produced and did a […]

The Cleansed: Season 3 Recording Begins

FinalRune is pleased to announce that recording has begun for Season 3 of The Cleansed! Season 3, the final season, pulls together the various storylines in one apocalyptic finish. Saul and Paul are seemingly impossible to stop as the set wheels in motion to destroy each other – and perhaps the world in the process. […]

A Journey With Strange Bedfellows

In collaboration with Forest Rose Productions… Set in the late 1800s, “A Journey with Strange Bedfellows” follows Hunter Brown in his quest to secure true love: the “Hunt” is for Faith Geibel, the young woman of his desires. The harrowing steampunk-esque journey begins in Victorian Great Britain, moves to Paris then eastward to Hungary and finally, […]

The Cleansed – Season 2 – Episode 8

“The Revelation, Part 2 of 2” The trap has been sprung, and the party must confront forces human and demonic in the city of Borderton. Everything Maria, Marc, and Luke have learned will be tested, as will their mettle. The grand finale will leave none of this troubled city unscathed. Lucian returns to the Believers, […]

The Cleansed – Season 2 – Episode 7

“The Revelation, Part 1 of 2” The trap has been sprung, and the party must confront forces human and demonic in the city of Borderton. Everything Maria, Marc, and Luke have learned will be tested, as will their mettle. The grand finale will leave none of this troubled city unscathed. Lucian returns to the Believers, […]

The Cleansed – Season 2 – Episode 6

Maria, Marc, and Luke have traversed the Atlantic in a sailboat guided by Sam and John, and now, on the skyline, is the burnt-out husk of Boston, now called “Borderton.” The party is shocked to see what a modern city looks like in the age post-Breaking. But most shocking of all are the actions of […]

The Cleansed – Season 2 – Episode 5

Saul and Zeke return to the Soup looking for a nuclear warhead, which they can disassemble and use to power the electric needs of the Citadel.  But what Saul stashed away is no longer there… He goes into a mad fury, and descends upon the Sewbies who are scrambling to survive deep down in the […]

The Cleansed – Season 2 – Episode 4

Far from the streets of Corinth, the Fort Point Light stands sentinel over the relentless crash of waves on the shore and man’s comings and goings on the ocean. The lighthouse keeper, Cutler, is as gray and craggy as his ward, but after 15 years of solitude, 6 strangers appear one day heralding a changing […]

The Cleansed – Season 2 – Episode 3

In the streets of Corinth, there is nothing so feared as ‘The Wolf.’ The Wolf hunts those with prying eyes, loose tongues, idle hearts. But when the Believers appear, even the most terrified start to wonder if there is still hope in the world… The Wolf cannot have such a quaint thing as ‘hope’ quash […]

The Cleansed – Season 2 – Episode 2

A war of words erupts between Saul and Paul – one on blaring television screens, and another through wind-up radios. As the sides clash for control over the minds of the people of Corinth, each hatches an idea to thwart the other once and for all. Meanwhile, John’s party prepares for a dangerous descent of […]

The Cleansed – Season 2 – Episode 1

The Dweller compound has survived an attack and our heroes are headed south along a treacherous river.  Luke is stricken with mind-freezing nightmares and learning to hunt.  John fears the challenges of the raging river and Maria tries to befriend a wild creature, but Sam has other ideas. Meanwhile, in the City, things are heating […]

FinalRune Productions to Speak at South by Southwest 2015

FinalRune Productions is thrilled to announce our forthcoming appearance at South by Southwest 2015 (#SXSW).  Producer Fred Greenhalgh will be a panelist on the topic “Movies in My Head: Audiodrama & Film.” So-called ‘radio drama’ has transformed in the digital age, bolstered by easy access to audiences through podcasting and the wide distribution of low-cost, […]

FinalRune Wraps Principal Production on Secret Project for Audible

FinalRune, in partnership with our good friends at AudioComics, has completed principal recording of an epic-length field recorded audio drama for Audible.  Our special talents in location recording were used in this adaptation of a work by a well-known New Hampshire writer. Much more about this exciting production will be announced in the months to come!  We […]

FinalRune Appears on MPBN’s “Maine Calling” Alongside Tim Sample and Michele Cobb

FinalRune’s creator Fred Greenhalgh appeared on the July 3, 2014 radio call-in show “Maine Calling” on MPBN with renowned Maine humorist Tim Sample and Audiofile Magazine publisher Michele Cobb. Fred, Tim, and Michele talked about the past, present, and future of audio drama storytelling, with a hearty discussion of the fundamentals of storytelling (what has […]

The Cleansed Finalist for Radio Romania’s Grand Prix Nova Award

The Cleansed: Season 2 has been named a finalist for Radio Romania’s Grand Prix Nova international radio drama award.  We are honored that our work is the sole representative from the United States in a competition with entries from over 20 countries. Final results will be announced in June.

The Cleansed – Season 2

Season 2 of the epic apocalyptic drama The Cleansed finds a motley band of heroes traveling a treacherous river, but nature is only the beginning of the challenges they will face. Because in the shadows of the City of Corinth, a great evil has unlocked the secret to controlling the minds of millions: fear and violence. Over […]

FinalRune Partnering with ForestRose to create “A Journey with Strange Bedfellows” Gothic horror audio drama

Forest Rose Productions and FinalRune Productions have joined forces to produce a four (4) part episodic Gothic horror audio drama that is a “mash up” of six (6) lesser known classic short stories.  “A Journey with Strange Bedfellows” was conceived and written by writer, Jan C.J. Jones as adapted from (or inspired by) immortal works written by literary masters Nathaniel Hawthorne, Bram […]

Audio Drama Needs a 21st Century Business Model

Back in 2007 I said, “I think an “all you can eat” subscription based radio drama/audio theater store is apt to be more successful than anything else.” It’s now 2014 and I think the same thing, though sadly that killer site has not yet come to be. What? We have iPhones, grumpy cat, angry birds, […]

Year of the Horse

In January, 2014, my wife Amy, our daughter Nyana (age 1 1/2), and I embarked on a 3-week trip to Lesotho to oversee the installation of 4 solar panels and a battery storage system on a community hall in the village of Malealea.  The installation was the product of our long relationship with the local Malealea Development […]


Last night was our first real snow of the season.  Not heavy, but steady, following the trail of a sunny day with gales of knife-sharp wind that hint of the coming winter. I was walking in the dark, per usual, and as I crested the hill at the end of my road, the clouds broke free […]

Descending the River with the RØDE SmartLav Microphone

Warning: Do not try this at home. Well, I suppose you can’t – insofar as the story we’re about to tell involves Class IV Whitewater rapids on the Kennebec River in Maine. So the mission at hand: there is a sequence in Season 2 of The Cleansed where our characters must descend a treacherous whitewater […]

FinalRune To Host “You Have Five Minutes” Live Radio Experience with Biddeford High School Students

Join FinalRune Productions and Biddeford High School students in an interactive celebration of radio drama. Pro FinalRune actors will guide students – and people from the audience! – in the performance of short plays. Like an old time photo booth, the audience-performers can pick stories from a variety of genres and act them out with […]

Of Drunken Ninja Turtles and Sunken Sailors

It’s not many places that you get to find random women dressed up in Catwoman costumes.  It’s rarer still to find ones interested in jumping behind the microphone and recording radio drama, but that was just the kind of scene you’d find at the inaugural Mark Time Broadcast Center held at the CONvergence Con in Bloomington, MN […]

The Cleansed – Season 1

Fifteen years after the fallout of a massive energy crisis, steadfast homesteaders in rural Maine slog through an off-grid life. This bucolic existence is turned upside down when John Prophet, a soldier still fighting an unwinnable war, arrives with word of a powerful military force setting up in the ashes of old New York. His […]