Field Recording Adventures in Belize, OR Adventure Leisure with young children

Prepping for my family's recent trip to Belize, I struggled a lot to decide what gear to bring. Go big with amazing binaural sound kit? Stereo shotgun mic? ORTF like my pal Eric Mooney? My gut told me ‘go light’ and when I heard the same advice from world-traveler guru Tom Lopez, I was sufficiently convinced. I would be traveling, and more importantly, traveling with … [Read more...]

New eBook Teaches Filmmaking without the Camera

Call it the 'unwritten chapter' to most texts in Film Sound. This eBook provides simple, actionable tips and techniques for filmmakers who want to learn how to apply their craft to make movies without the camera. A survey of the challenges and opportunities in location audio drama production and a few tools (shot sheets and script formats) to help you start your own. By Fred … [Read more...]

The Cleansed – Season 3

Season 3 of our apocalyptic saga finds our heroes in a seemingly impossible situation, far from home and with the odds of surviving – let alone thwarting the machinery in Corinth – very low. But, the human spirit endures all, and Luke, Maria, Mark and Abraham resolve to escape the fallen city of Borderton at any cost. Meanwhile, somewhere in catacombs under Corinth, Queenie … [Read more...]

Locke & Key

FinalRune Productions, working with AudioComics, in a production for Audible Studios, is pleased to announce the release of LOCKE & KEY, an epic audio saga based on the acclaimed graphic novel series by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez, and published by IDW. This lavish production was recorded on-location throughout New England in a creepy old farmhouse, underground cavern … [Read more...]

Locke and Key the Audio Drama now Available on Audible

A year after primary recording, months and months of post-production re-recording, sound design, original scoring, and mastering, we are proud to announce that Locke and Key, created by Joe Hill and Gabe Rodriguez, adapted for audio by FinalRune's Fred Greenhalgh and AudioComics's Elaine Lee, is now LIVE, and available for free, through Nov 4, 2015. Download at: … [Read more...]