FinalRune Appears on MPBN’s “Maine Calling” Alongside Tim Sample and Michele Cobb

MPBN Maine Calling Tim Sample Michele Cobb

FinalRune’s creator Fred Greenhalgh appeared on the July 3, 2014 radio call-in show “Maine Calling” on MPBN with renowned Maine humorist Tim Sample and Audiofile Magazine publisher Michele Cobb. Fred, Tim, and Michele talked about the past, present, and future of audio drama storytelling, with a hearty discussion of the fundamentals of storytelling (what has […]

The Cleansed Finalist for Radio Romania’s Grand Prix Nova Award

Grand Prix Nova Award

The Cleansed: Season 2 has been named a finalist for Radio Romania’s Grand Prix Nova international radio drama award.  We are honored that our work is the sole representative from the United States in a competition with entries from over 20 countries. Final results will be announced in June.

The Cleansed – Season 2

Season 2 - The Cleansed apocalyptic audio drama

Season 2 of the epic apocalyptic drama The Cleansed finds a motley band of heroes traveling a treacherous river, but nature is only the beginning of the challenges they will face. Because in the shadows of the City of Corinth, a great evil has unlocked the secret to controlling the minds of millions: fear and violence. Over […]

FinalRune Partnering with ForestRose to create “A Journey with Strange Bedfellows” Gothic horror audio drama

Journey with Strange Bedfellows Gothic Audio Drama

Forest Rose Productions and FinalRune Productions have joined forces to produce a four (4) part episodic Gothic horror audio drama that is a “mash up” of six (6) lesser known classic short stories.  “A Journey with Strange Bedfellows” was conceived and written by writer, Jan C.J. Jones as adapted from (or inspired by) immortal works written by literary masters Nathaniel Hawthorne, Bram […]

Audio Drama Needs a 21st Century Business Model

Audio Drama Needs a 21st Century Business Model

Back in 2007 I said, “I think an “all you can eat” subscription based radio drama/audio theater store is apt to be more successful than anything else.” It’s now 2014 and I think the same thing, though sadly that killer site has not yet come to be. What? We have iPhones, grumpy cat, angry birds, […]

Year of the Horse

In January, 2014, my wife Amy, our daughter Nyana (age 1 1/2), and I embarked on a 3-week trip to Lesotho to oversee the installation of 4 solar panels and a battery storage system on a community hall in the village of Malealea.  The installation was the product of our long relationship with the local Malealea Development […]


Turkey strutting his stuff

Last night was our first real snow of the season.  Not heavy, but steady, following the trail of a sunny day with gales of knife-sharp wind that hint of the coming winter. I was walking in the dark, per usual, and as I crested the hill at the end of my road, the clouds broke free […]

Descending the River with the RØDE SmartLav Microphone

Fred Greenhalgh and Recordist Randall Farr record actors getting thrown into the water.  Photo courtesy David Turner

Warning: Do not try this at home. Well, I suppose you can’t – insofar as the story we’re about to tell involves Class IV Whitewater rapids on the Kennebec River in Maine. So the mission at hand: there is a sequence in Season 2 of The Cleansed where our characters must descend a treacherous whitewater […]

FinalRune To Host “You Have Five Minutes” Live Radio Experience with Biddeford High School Students

Join FinalRune Productions and Biddeford High School students in an interactive celebration of radio drama. Pro FinalRune actors will guide students – and people from the audience! – in the performance of short plays. Like an old time photo booth, the audience-performers can pick stories from a variety of genres and act them out with […]

Of Drunken Ninja Turtles and Sunken Sailors

It’s not many places that you get to find random women dressed up in Catwoman costumes.  It’s rarer still to find ones interested in jumping behind the microphone and recording radio drama, but that was just the kind of scene you’d find at the inaugural Mark Time Broadcast Center held at the CONvergence Con in Bloomington, MN […]

The Cleansed – Season 1

The Cleansed Radio Drama

Fifteen years after the fallout of a massive energy crisis, steadfast homesteaders in rural Maine slog through an off-grid life. This bucolic existence is turned upside down when John Prophet, a soldier still fighting an unwinnable war, arrives with word of a powerful military force setting up in the ashes of old New York. His […]

RØDE iXY Review – High Fidelity Field Recorder in your Pocket

Rode iXY Mic Review

Updated 11-30-2014 – now includes my notes on the follow-up, the RØDE iXY Lightning. Several gadgets over the years have come along offering recording opportunities with the iPhone – the Blue Mikey, the Apogee iRig and even an entry from Tascam. But it wasn’t until the RØDE  iXY made its debut that I sincerely considered an iPhone […]

FinalRune Joins Other Creators for “Post Apocalyptic Fiction Free for All” Panel At PortConMaine

Fred Greenhalgh of FinalRune Productions will be joining Shawn French and Mortimer Glum (Escape from Jesus Island) and Regina and Marc Bartholomew (Happy Motoring, Parallaxis) at PortConMaine on Sunday, June 23 12pm for a session called “Post Apocalyptic Fiction Free For All” The three post-apocalyptic producers will be talking about the fiction that inspires them, […]

Hope Springs Eternal

hope springs eternal

Two nights this week I’ve heard the calls of barred owls.  Yesterday it was in the gloaming, with the bird so close it sent chills up my spine – kakooo kakooooooooAArooooo. We go on these long walks because Nyana demands it.  At 11 months, she won’t go to sleep save under a canopy of stars and […]

Maine Arts Commission Awards “Good Idea” Grant to FinalRune

Maine Arts Commission

FinalRune Productions has been awarded a “Good Idea Grant” in the amount of $1,500 that will be used for our production of Season 2 of The Cleansed. The grant will allow us to make several equipment upgrades that increase the quality of our field recordings, which in Season 2 take place at Wolf Pine Farm […]

This is Not About the Apocalypse

On January 1, 2007, Amy (who would ultimately become my wife) and I took the only day we had off together in the foreseeable future to check out bare land in Southern Maine. We had been on the hunt for months – looking for an affordable piece of land to put down roots, to get […]

The Cleansed – Season 1 – Episode 8

The stage has been set for an incredible battle. John Prophet is locked up, awaiting his fate at the hands of the Dwellers’ justice. Their “BOL” in rural Maine seems far, far away from the troubles afflicting old New York, but this feeling of safety is about to be annihilated. Because in an open field, […]

The Cleansed: Season 2 Kicks Off

Kickstarter Thumb The Cleansed Fundraiser

Production kicked off for Season 2 of The Cleansed yesterday in a session at Wolf Pine Farm in Alfred, Maine. Wolf Pine’s property abuts the Mousam River, and we used a beautiful picnic spot on the Farm as our home base for a rigorous day of recording. Season 2 begins with our characters headed downriver […]

The Cleansed – Season 2


Photos from field recording sessions for Season 2 of The Cleansed. Recorded at Wolf Pine Farm in Alfred, Maine and in the catacombs of the North Dam Mill in Biddeford, Maine.

The Cleansed – Season 1 – Episode 7

With horrors behind them and uncertainty ahead of them, Luke and Maria must come to terms — the road without each other is too frightening. Meanwhile, they have a new friend, one of the Dwellers who shows them beneath the surface of a world that has existed nearby to them their whole lives that they’ve […]

The Cleansed – Season 1 – Episode 6

The Cleansed apocalyptic audio drama episode 6

Rage burns in David’s blood, as hot and incendiary as the coals which lit the crops of The Refuge into a blaze that may leave his people hungry as the brutal winter comes on. As David and his buddy Chris careen on the biodiesel powered ATV “Moby,” Sam, John and the youths land on shore […]

FinalRune and Aural Stage Studios Win Gold Ogle

Mark Time/Ogle Awards and CONvergence 2012

FinalRune producer Fred Greenhalgh is groggily returning from Minneapolis, where he’s just spent an incredible weekend at CONvergence 2012, Minnesota’s largest sci-fi/fantasy convention with over 5,000 estimated attendees. The occasion was to attend the Mark Time and Ogle awards ceremony, where FinalRune’s 2011 show, Intensive Care by James Comtois (co-produced with Aural Stage Studios) won […]

CONvergence 2012 #CVG2012

Photos of the audio geeks rocking at #CVG2012 held July 5-8, 2012 in Minneapolis, MN.  What happens when you mix incredibly large amounts of alcohol and 24 audio geeks together for a few days surrounded by Darth Maulers, bad ass chick superheroes, 8-bit monstrosities and occasional time travelers.

The Cleansed – Season 1 – Episode 5

The Cleansed Post Apocalyptic Podcast Chapter 17

In the wake of the nightmare that was Tully’s barn, Sam appears ready to go to battle. But there is no battle left, and no chance to help but to mop up the mess. Marc, a wounded young warrior from the Dwellers, tries to keep his lips tight about his homeland and his plight, but […]

The Cleansed – Season 1 – Episode 4

Cleansed Post Apocalyptic Podcast Episode 4

Having made her decision to continue on the journey, Maria follows John’s direction and steers their canoe downriver. But evils lay before them in this torn land. In a bleak homely homestead in the woods, amidst stacks of rusted up junk cars and a hodge-podge hydro-mill, Maria and John encounter a monster – one that […]

The Cleansed – Season 1 – Episode 3

Dawn is a dim glow on the horizon of the Refuge when savage cries echo from the horizon. Moments later, the chalky rain-starved land turns into an inferno that David and his motley survivors must stop at all costs. Further down the river, Prophet collapses into a heap and Luke runs off looking for help. […]

FinalRune Visits Audio Legend Tom Lopez

FinalRune Visits Tom Lopez of ZBS in Fort Edward, NY

On Easter weekend 2012, Fred headed out across two-lane roads of NH, VT and NY to visit Tom Lopez at the ZBS Foundation‘s headquarters, an 1800s farmhouse in Fort Edward, NY. A lot of radio history was made at this unassuming location sitting on 33 acres in the heart of New York’s dairy country. By […]

The Cleansed – Season 1 – Episode 2

Our sprawling, epic post-apocalyptic series is here!  Be sure to catch up what happened 15 years prior to the start of Season 1 in our Prologue Episode. Far from the safety of the Refuge lies the City of Corinth, a broken place that once called itself New York. From the ashes, John Prophet emerged, uniting […]

The Cleansed – Season One – Episode 1

The Cleansed Post Apocalyptic Audio Drama - Chapter 4

Fifteen years have passed since the “Battle of Bangor,” the brutal assault on a small Maine city that set off the shattering of Northern New England during The Breaking.

The Cleansed: Season 1 Launch Party!!!

FinalRune is thrilled to announce the launch party for Season 1 of The Cleansed! This is the beginning of FinalRune’s largest audio project to date, an audio epic that follows three youths confronting a world torn asunder by a global energy crisis. 15 years after a devastating time called “The Breaking,” a haggard ex-soldier, John […]