Barbara Truex

Barb Truex, Sound Designer, Composer


Barbara Truex has been involved with the Portland, Maine, performing arts scene since 1989 and before that in southwestern Connecticut. She joined FinalRune in the creation of the score for Ogle-Award winning Waiting for a Window and was a major part in make the Mad Horse OTR re-creation project happen.

As an administrator, performer and/or designer she has worked or continues to work with several local organizations and individuals including Mad Horse Theatre, The Theater Project, Acorn Productions, Figures of Speech Theatre, Portland Stage Company, Ram Island Dance, Bates Dance Festival, Maine Jazz Alliance, Michael Lane Trautman, Loopin’, the Maine Squeeze and more. She is currently the Executive Director and resident sound designer for Mad Horse Theatre in Portland.

A performing musician since the 1960’s, Truex has been active in a wide range of musical genres and contexts. She is recognized as an innovator for her use of the fretted dulcimer in jazz, pop, free improvisational music and other settings beyond the familiar folk and traditional realms. She has extensive experience working with dance and theater ensembles, both as a composer and on stage musical accompanist.