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About Fred

“No ideas but in things.” – William Carlos Williams Synopsis: Frederick Greenhalgh has brought location-recording techniques from his indie film background to the production of audio drama. His work has been¬†featured in NPR, The New York Times,¬†The Wall Street Journal (A4), Financial Times, The Guardian, BBC Radio 4, NPR and numerous regional publications. Most recently […]

News and Press

Here’s the latest from FinalRune Productions – our news on upcoming and ongoing projects, and what other people are saying about us! National Press: February 15, 2010 – “Return With Us to the Thrilling Days Of Yesteryear – Via the Internet.” – A4, Wall Street Journal – View online or Download Article PDF) April 24, […]


Learn some more about the people behind the productions. After all, without much talent, luck, and dedication, none of the stories would be here for you to hear. Producer/Writer/Director: Frederick Greenhalgh Voice Actors/Actresses: John Hickson Christine Marshall Janice Gardner Burke Brimmer Toby Paradis CarlaRose Dubois Ed Patterson Kristi Deville Chris Newcomb Charly Duley Joe Duley […]

Call for Talent

Want to take part in our productions? We’d love to have you! NOW CASTING: We are looking for lots of talent to help with our upcoming production, The Cleansed: Season 1. There are 30 named voice roles and plenty of extras and crowd scenes, so many are welcome! Especially children, minorities and women. What’s in […]

Why FinalRune?

FinalRune – Mystery and Meaning Breakthrough – Transformation – Day: Dagaz Here is the final Rune belonging to the Cycle of Initiation. Drawing Dagaz often signals a major shift or breakthrough in the process of self-change, a complete transformation in attitude, a 180-degree turn. For some, the transition is so radical that they are no […]

Solar Powered!

Producer Fred Greenhalgh’s off-grid home studio is powered by solar. This photo was taken during a power outage… for most people, that is! In addition to being really fun to both record and listen to, FinalRune’s audio stories are produced using clean energy from the sun. Producer Fred Greenhalgh lives a pretty unconventional lifestyle at […]