Mark Krasnoff

Mark Krasnoff played the sassy, been-around-the-block Cajun drifter in Day of the Dead. An authentic Cajun-Choctaw, he brought style and grit to the part, and took producer Fred Greenhalgh on a harrowing tour of post-Katrina New Orleans in the March Fred spent recording the drama. Mark's love of New Orleans and commitment to the native people to Louisiana was rivaled by none. … [Read more...]

Claude Galinsky

Claude "Doc" Galinsky is a blues guitar, bass, harmonica, and mandolin player who's been working his instruments since he was in diapers. Hailing from Westford, Mass, he got involved with Day of the Dead through Bill Lambert, a buddy Fred met at the Writers in Paradise conference in St. Petersburg, Florida. Claude's rich baritone and guitar skills brought to life the … [Read more...]