Descending the River with the RØDE SmartLav Microphone

Warning: Do not try this at home. Well, I suppose you can’t – insofar as the story we’re about to tell involves Class IV Whitewater rapids on the Kennebec River in Maine. So the mission at hand: there is a sequence in Season 2 of The Cleansed where our characters must descend a treacherous whitewater […]

RØDE iXY Review – High Fidelity Field Recorder in your Pocket

Updated 11-30-2014 – now includes my notes on the follow-up, the RØDE iXY Lightning. Several gadgets over the years have come along offering recording opportunities with the iPhone – the Blue Mikey, the Apogee iRig and even an entry from Tascam. But it wasn’t until the RØDE  iXY made its debut that I sincerely considered an iPhone […]

Our South African Love: The Sony PCM-M10

Part 1 of our series of articles on gear Fred used in his adventures across South Africa in Winter 2012 It’s no secret that I love field recording and especially handheld flash-based audio recorders. I’ve carried a Zoom H2 since they were introduced in 2007 and moved on to try out most of the rest […]

Rode NT-4 + Rode Blimp = Love

We’ve posted earlier about our love of recording on location, but we wanted to pause to gush a little bit about our preferred kit: the Rode NT-4 loaded with the Rode Blimp and Fishpole. We’ve been using the NT-4 since 2007, for our first field recorded production Dark Passenger, but in those days our shock-mounting […]

Zoom Q3 vs Zoom H2 – Unboxed Review

Review of Zoom Q3 handy video camcorder, compared to its lightweight audio cousin, the Zoom H2

Producing in the Field – Doing It, and Doing It on the Cheap

There are a couple of different camps in the audio drama community when it comes to studio vs. location recording, and I fall devoutly in the latter, both of out necessity and artistic aesthetic. By the end of reading this, I hope you’ll be on the same page with me, but before we get there, […]