Field Recording Adventures in Belize, OR Adventure Leisure with young children

Prepping for my family's recent trip to Belize, I struggled a lot to decide what gear to bring. Go big with amazing binaural sound kit? Stereo shotgun mic? ORTF like my pal Eric Mooney? My gut told me ‘go light’ and when I heard the same advice from world-traveler guru Tom Lopez, I was sufficiently convinced. I would be traveling, and more importantly, traveling with … [Read more...]

Descending the River with the RØDE SmartLav Microphone

Warning: Do not try this at home. Well, I suppose you can't - insofar as the story we're about to tell involves Class IV Whitewater rapids on the Kennebec River in Maine. So the mission at hand: there is a sequence in Season 2 of The Cleansed where our characters must descend a treacherous whitewater river in inadequate water craft. We wanted this scene to sound as big, … [Read more...]

RØDE iXY Review – High Fidelity Field Recorder in your Pocket

Updated 11-30-2014 - now includes my notes on the follow-up, the RØDE iXY Lightning. Several gadgets over the years have come along offering recording opportunities with the iPhone - the Blue Mikey, the Apogee iRig and even an entry from Tascam. But it wasn't until the RØDE  iXY made its debut that I sincerely considered an iPhone as a serious tool for audio drama field … [Read more...]

Our South African Love: The Sony PCM-M10

Part 1 of our series of articles on gear Fred used in his adventures across South Africa in Winter 2012 It's no secret that I love field recording and especially handheld flash-based audio recorders. I've carried a Zoom H2 since they were introduced in 2007 and moved on to try out most of the rest of their line including the Zoom Q3, Zoom H4n and the Zoom H1. However, in … [Read more...]

Rode NT-4 + Rode Blimp = Love

We've posted earlier about our love of recording on location, but we wanted to pause to gush a little bit about our preferred kit: the Rode NT-4 loaded with the Rode Blimp and Fishpole. We've been using the NT-4 since 2007, for our first field recorded production Dark Passenger, but in those days our shock-mounting came from a DIY homemade style contraption made from a … [Read more...]