Adventure and Mystery Audio Stories

Selection of free downloads to adventure and mystery radio drama shows produced by FinalRune Productions

A Journey With Strange Bedfellows

In collaboration with Forest Rose Productions... Set in the late 1800s, "A Journey with Strange Bedfellows" follows Hunter Brown in his quest to secure true love: the "Hunt" is for Faith Geibel, the young woman of his desires. The harrowing steampunk-esque journey begins in Victorian Great Britain, moves to Paris then eastward to Hungary and finally, to western … [Read more...]

Open Season: A Joe Gunther Novel

Announcing: Open Season the Audio Drama An old lady tormented by lewd phone calls blasts a man with a shotgun as he walks in through the door, and Brattleboro's everyman detective, Joe Gunther, is called out to investigate. It's clear that not everything is as it seems - the description of the phone calls and the dead man outside don't match up. And even stranger, the … [Read more...]

Waiting for a Window

(Comedy-Drama) Written and Produced by Frederick Greenhalgh An unexpected storm throws Norman D. Waits off his course to... somewhere. The island where he lands is nice enough, with old sea salts that welcome him with open arms and a bar that's always open. But as it becomes increasingly clear that no one ever seems to leave the island, Norman finds himself in a fight to … [Read more...]


(Drama) Running Time: 15m07s Written and Produced by Frederick Greenhalgh The unconventional Christmas story of a business man whose life is changed by a random encounter with a stranger. Narrated by the ineffable John Coons. Running Time: 16minutes Download Drizzle (MP3) Cast: Narrator: John Coons DJ: Matt Little Man: Frederick Greenhalgh Angry … [Read more...]

Day of the Dead

(Drama) Running Time: 66m24s Written and Produced by Frederick Greenhalgh A tale inspired by the myth of Orpheus. A young man heads to New Orleans in search of his missing lover, and finds something he never expected: himself. This was my senior thesis for my BA, and I have a site with essays on New Orleans, radio drama, and the myth or Orpheus to complement Day of the … [Read more...]