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The War on Poverty

In a back back back door meeting in the White House, the President and his most trusted advisors discuss a new conflict which is unavoidable, absolutely essential to America (at least insofar as justifying the ballooning Department of Defense budget). This new conflict, nay, War, will be a War fought against one of the most pervasive ills that has cursed civilization since … [Read more...]

Tales from Williamsville

(Comedy) Running Time: 27m20s Written by John Coons, Adapted by Frederick Greenhalgh Welcome to Williamsville, where tradition and routine dictate the ebb and flow of life. Yet, Williamsville is not without its stories... How do one repressed arsonist, a sexually-charged geriatric, a slimy drug dealer and a soccer mom on steroids combine in the most exciting thing to … [Read more...]