Big Ideas for Audio Drama

Fred's rants and ravings about the status of audio drama (and do we even call it that?) and the potential of audio storytelling in the 21st century

Audio Drama Needs a 21st Century Business Model

Back in 2007 I said, "I think an "all you can eat" subscription based radio drama/audio theater store is apt to be more successful than anything else." It's now 2014 and I think the same thing, though sadly that killer site has not yet come to be. What? We have iPhones, grumpy cat, angry birds, and $19 billion messaging apps, but audio drama still hasn't made it from the … [Read more...]

Why Free? – Economics of Art in the Digital Age

We're often asked: when are you going to start charging for downloads?! Well, my philosophy is simple. I want more people to hear this work, not to earn a few extra dollars per month. Combine that attitude with the freeconomics of digital distribution and you start to come to the unusual economic path that is FinalRune. A few years back I tried the experiment of … [Read more...]

The Narrator in Audio Theater

The following post started back in 2007, from the now long defunct Radio Drama Listserv (Today the closest thing to it is the Google Plus Community. Anyways, back then, a noob, I posed the question (and look to the comments below for some answers. In 2014 I went back and answered my own question ...I'd like to bring up something I've been pondering for some time -- what is … [Read more...]

What is Audio Fiction?

Our stories are the fictional counterpart of the non-fiction documentary, essays, and features you'll hear on National Public Radio. Just like in the publishing world you'll find memoir and biographies as distinct categories from novels and short story writing, audio fiction uses similar conventions but very different subject matter for its exploration of humanity and its … [Read more...]

Original Radio Drama in the 21st Century

This post is defunct (but here for reference). My current thinking on the matter is here: Audio Drama Needs a 21st Century Business Model What do Britain, Canada, and Ireland have in common? No, it's not universal health coverage -- it's public radio companies that commission original radio drama for broadcast. They actually think it's valuable to have written stories … [Read more...]