Radio Drama Craft

A selection of websites, articles, and resources pertaining to the craft of creating radio drama, from writing, producing, directing, and getting the thing to sound right in post! Tony Palermo’s RuyaSonicGreat information on everything from how to mic a “gunshot” to basic principles of live plays and scriptwriting. His “Towards a Radio Drama 101” gives […]

Old Time Radio Drama

Noir Dame: Classic Radio DramaA great selection of classic (and some original) radio drama works, sci-fi/fantasy/horror/mystery and beyond Early Radio History of the United StatesA timeline of pre-golden age events in the history of radio. Just for context. Old-Time Radio ‘Program Guide’A resource to the programs during the OTR era, lots of enthusiast links but […]

Broadcasters of Audio Drama

BBC Radio 4The world’s foremost commissioning body for new radio drama, BBC Radio 4 features a range of top-quality original audio work, often theatre. Sign up for their weekly newsletter for a recap XM Radio – Sonic TheaterThe only (?) nationally-available audio theater programming comes care of XM radio. Sonic Theater features a rotating schedule […]

Blogs and Podcasts

Society of Audio AddictsDanielle Cutler’s audio theatre-related blog, The Society of Audio Addicts has a great selection of links, podcasts, and articles of interest to audio theatre and radio drama enthustiasts. She was one of the first people to pick up my New Orleans myth-bas Sonic SocietyFar and away the most popular audio theater podcast, […]