John Hickson

Roles: Announcer, Lost Souls, Joseph- Live Halloween Radio Drama 2009 John has a long and varied theatre hictory. On stage he has appeared as Henry Higgins,George Bernard Shaw,and Harold Hill among others. He has worked extensively with Madhorse and has provided the narration for two MPBN Emmy award winning documentary series, “Quest” and “Maine Experience.” […]

Christine Marshall

Roles: Mrs. Stevenson – Sorry, Wrong Number Colleen, Woman, Sally – Live Halloween Radio Drama 2009 Christine Louise Marshall is the Artistic Director of the Mad Horse Theater Company. She first joined FinalRune in the unforgettable role of the bedridden neurotic Mrs. Stevenson in the re-creation of the radio classic, Sorry Wrong Number. Christine rejoined […]

Janice Gardner

Roles: Believer Woman – The Cleansed, Season 1 Nurse 2 – Intensive Care Trolette – The Troll of Stony Brook Ghost Woman, Genevere, Helen, Member of Crowd – Live Halloween Radio Drama 2009 Janice had hauntingly grand opportunity to get all spooky on the radio for our 2009 live Halloween radio drama. She recently appeared […]

Burke Brimmer

Roles: Whitney – The Most Dangerous Game Chief Operator and Cop – Sorry, Wrong Number Jean – Three Skeleton Key Lots – Live Halloween Radio Drama 2009 Burke is a proud member of the Mad Horse Theater Company where he has been in such productions as “Of Mice and Men” (Lenny), “Joe Egg” (Freddy), and […]

Toby Paradis

Roles: Bar Patron – Waiting for a Window Hailing from Old Town, Maine, Toby Paradis is a new-comer to the professional entertainment business. After graduating from the University of Maine, Toby decided he would get more use out of this theater degree by moving to a much more theater-savvy part of the country… So he […]

CarlaRose Dubois

Roles: Woman – Waiting for a Window CarlaRose’s history as a performer started with her college major, Musical Theatre, and she’s sinced toured with shows and performed at Medieval Times in FL. Her flexible and sultry voice was the perfect match for the ominous woman who seduces Norman to stay on the island and sings […]

Ed Patterson

Roles: Norman – Waiting for a Window Ed Patterson has appeared in several stage shows and television commercials, and did some previous radio voiceover worked before being roped into the role of hapless sailor Norman in “Waiting for a Window.” Now that production’s wrapped, Ed is looking to pursuit his acting career by moving from […]

Kristi Deville

Roles: Suzy – Waiting for a Window Kristi Deville recently moved to the Portland, Maine area from Atlanta where she performed with several theatre companies, mainly Twinhead Theatre. Originally from Louisiana, she’s no stranger to wrestling large animals (though moose are a little heavier, albeit less surly, than alligators) and can produce a mean (and […]

Chris Newcomb

Aka “Man” Roles: Patron 1, Man – Waiting for a Window Chris Newcomb is an actor, storyteller, author, musician and teacher residing in Portland, Maine. It’s rather convenient that he goes by the name of “Man,” since after he and Fred bashed around the draft script for a while, Fred came to conclusion that an […]

Charly Duley

Roles: Molly – Waiting for a Window Charly Duley recently moved to the Portland, Maine area with husband Joe Duley to escape the hustle and bustle of Washington D.C. and enjoy the finer aspects of life… such as recording bar scenes in a stifling abandoned mill in Biddeford and accruing odd looks from passersby at […]

Joe Duley

Roles: Davey – Waiting for a Window Joe Duley recently moved to Maine with his wife Charly Duley to escape the hustle and bustle of Washington, D.C., though apparently was caught unsuspecting of the killer moose, man-eating mosquitoes and tweaked out radio producers that inhabiting the Pine Tree State. It was with great gusto and […]

Bill Dufris

Roles: Rob – Waiting for a Window William Dufris hails from Houlton, Maine, though his journey as an actor has taken him long and far from “The County” of Maine. Today he lives and works in Cape Elizabeth, Maine as a celebrated professional audio narrator. He also produces his own audio theater with Mind’s Eye […]

Philip Hobby

Roles: Herbert, Everett, Customer, Scientist, Navy Seal – Live Halloween Radio Drama 2009 Auguste – Three Skeleton Key The Killer – Sorry, Wrong Number Bob – Waiting for a Window Matt – Dark Passenger Sir Grace – Fall of the Hero Stu, Space DJ – 2007 WMPG Begathon Boss/Bum – Drizzle Performer/English Guy/Hustler 2 – […]

Errol Murphy

Fred met Donald “Errol” Murphy while they both worked at the Marriot Courtyard Convention Center in New Orleans, LA. They became instant friends after Errol discovered Fred hailed from Maine, a state he was fond of visiting (even enjoying the snow, a pretty odd things for a Louisianan). They hit the French Quarter more times […]

Mark Krasnoff

Mark Krasnoff played the sassy, been-around-the-block Cajun drifter in Day of the Dead. An authentic Cajun-Choctaw, he brought style and grit to the part, and took producer Fred Greenhalgh on a harrowing tour of post-Katrina New Orleans in the March Fred spent recording the drama. Mark’s love of New Orleans and commitment to the native […]

Nathan Amadon

Nathan Amadon is a Business Student at the University of Southern Maine. Though not an actor by trade he has performed in several theatres in the Portland area. He is a member of the AIRE theatre company and host of the Acoustic Spoken Word Series. The ASW reading is the only remaining poetry slam in […]

John Coons

John Coons was a USM Music School student when his startling voice has appeared in FinalRune’s Day of the Dead, The Blind Man’s Confession, Drizzle, and Tales from Williamsville. In addition to being a talented voice actor, he’s a damn fine writer, and when he passed over the absurd script for “Tales from Williamsville,” Fred […]