The Cleansed – Season 2

Season 2 - The Cleansed apocalyptic audio dramaSeason 2 of the epic apocalyptic drama The Cleansed finds a motley band of heroes traveling a treacherous river, but nature is only the beginning of the challenges they will face. Because in the shadows of the City of Corinth, a great evil has unlocked the secret to controlling the minds of millions: fear and violence.

Over 60 actors, 9 recording sessions, 3 locales and lots, and lots of sound effects are packed into these 5 hours of fully realized audio adventure.

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Season 2 Credits

Written/Directed/Produced: Fred Greenhalgh


  • Kate Gurney as Maria
  • Philip Hobby as Luke
  • Ian Carlsen as Marc
  • Paul Drinan as John Prophet
  • Susan Reilly as Caitlin
  • Kym Dakin as Sam
  • Robyn Munroe as Coydog
  • Tim Sample as Cutler
  • Brent Askari as Saul
  • Dylan Chestnutt as Zeke
  • Joe Swenson as Lawrence
  • Nate Speckman as Damien
  • Adam Araujo as Republic 1
  • Johnny Speckman as Republic 2
  • George Ledoux as Damascus
  • Cole Amorello as Amos
  • Reggie Hodges as Lucian
  • Erik Moody as Paul
  • Daniel Noel as Job
  • Janice Gardner as Queenie
  • Michael Dix Thomas as Sachem
  • Rachel Flehinger as Brigid
  • Jaimie Schwartz as Michael
  • Christopher Reiling as Bartender
  • James Herrera as Abraham
  • Rebecca Myshrall as Young Luke
  • Lisa Muller-Jones as Luke’s Mother
  • Burke Brimmer as Chris
  • Chris Newcomb as David
  • Additional voices: Gary Hauger (Pilot), Christine Marshall (Barker, Ep1), Alicia Goranson (Believer), Scott Marcoux (Sewbie),  Alison Slattery (Sewbie), Nicholas Salve (Greggo), Pope Brock (Father), Hannah Brock (Daughter 1), Molly Brock (Daughter 2), Mirabai Iwanko (Believer), John Capron (Thug, Ep6), Seth Desoulx (Believer), Tim Bates (Grunt, Ep1 and 5), Ryan Fecteaux (Believer), Alicia Bailey (Believer), Ashley St Ours (Believer)
  • Narrator/Continuity: Richard McGonagle


  • Field sound:  Randall Farr, Jodd Bowles
  • Production assistance: Meaghan LaSala, Peter Campbell, and Sam Rapaport
  • Sound design by Matthew and Monique Boudreau of Aural Stage Studios
  • Original score by Hubert Campbell
  • “Run for your Life” song by Adam Swiderski, performed by “The Yesterdays,” copyright 2005 Chasing Rex Music

This production was recorded on location at the North Dam Mill in Biddeford Maine and Wolf Pine Farmin Alfred, MaineStudio recording at Mind’s Eye Productions

Funded in part by a grant from the Maine Arts Commission, an independent state agency supported by the National Endowment for the Arts

Special thanks to:

Tom Harms and Amy Sprague, Carolyn Gosselin, Doug Sanford, the City of Biddeford, Loki Clan Wolf Refuge, Amy Titcomb, Bill Dufris, Fortunat Mueller David Turner, Peter Stickey, Jay York, Samantha Mason, Coffee by Design, WMPG, RODE Microphones, our amazing Kickstarter supporters and other fans