Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead - A Radio Drama

(Drama) Running Time: 66m24s
Written and Produced by Frederick Greenhalgh

A tale inspired by the myth of Orpheus. A young man heads to New Orleans in search of his missing lover, and finds something he never expected: himself.

This was my senior thesis for my BA, and I have a site with essays on New Orleans, radio drama, and the myth or Orpheus to complement Day of the Dead.

Running Time: 1 hour, 6 minutes
Download Day of the Dead (MP3)


  • Narrator/The Kid: Fred Greenhalgh
  • Messenger: Mark Krasnoff
  • Paps: Charles Grant
  • Emily: Kateri Valliere
  • Bus Driver: Jason Elvin
  • Taxi Driver/Bouncer: Donald “Errol” Murphy
  • Hustler 1/Clerk 2: Braden Biddings
  • Mr. Mike: David Howley
  • Performer/English Guy/Hustler 2: Philip Hobby
  • Clerk/Cop/Wolfman/Hustler 3: Barry Hilton
  • Irishman/Drifter 1: Joshua Force
  • Hustler 4/Drifter 2/Drunk: John Coons
  • Devil’s Sister: Stephanie Sample
  • Stranger: George Ingmire
  • Priestess LaBeau: Casey Turner


Special Thanks:

  • Instructors/Advisors: Jessica Lockhart, Jeannine Uzzi, Elisabeth Wilkins, Kaitlin Briggs
  • Technical Assistance: Nat Ives
  • My friends in New Orleans and elsewhere: Jan Ramsey, Dane Ruegger, James, and the Crescent City Technologies Crew, George Ingmire, Marian Howley, Monique Verdin, Martha Ward, Bill Lambert.