Day of the Dead - A Radio Drama

The radio drama Day of the Dead

...A story inspired by the myth of Orpheus, telling one young man's journey to New Orleans in search of his missing lover

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I hope you enjoy listening to Day of the Dead, the product of my hard work, love, and dumb luck. As someone who lived in and loves New Orleans, it's my way of celebrating what is beautiful about the city, and the unique influence she's had on my life. And hey, this project made me love the radio drama -- visit FinalRune Productions for more audio stories.

Day of the Dead Radio Drama

DAY OF THE DEAD is a radio drama inspired by the myth of Orpheus, telling the story of a young musician from Maine as he journeys through New Orleans looking for his missing lover. It features voice talent from native Louisianans Mark Krasnoff, Charles Grant, and George Ingmire, Mainers Barry Hilton, Philip Hobby, and Casey Turner, and many others. Day of the Dead also features music by Claude Galinsky, Myron Samuels, and Mountain Sprout, along with the authentic sounds of New Orleans. Voodoo, the French Quarter, hustlers, artists, the Mississippi River, the trickster, and the sweet blues sounds of an amazing place cherished by the hearts of many all make an appearance in this celebration of New Orleans's spirit. I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I did producing it.

The accompanying pages are designed to share research regarding the drama’s thematic elements and to provide insight into the creative process involved with this production. While there is some attention paid to technical details, the primary focus is on the literary objectives attempted by the author/producer. Please take your time to savor every taste of the gumbo pot--there's a lot in here--and then check out some of my new original radio dramas.

Welcome to the underworld.


  1. Introduction & Acknowledgements
  2. Orpheus Lives: Tellings and Retellings of an Ancient Myth in Modern Times
  3. New Orleans: Gateway to America, Gateway to the Underworld
  4. The Radio Drama: Rise, Fall, and Rebirth of the Oral Tradition in America
  5. Conclusion & Bibliography

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