Drizzle Unconventional Christmas Audio Story

(Drama) Running Time: 15m07s
Written and Produced by Frederick Greenhalgh

The unconventional Christmas story of a business man whose life is changed by a random encounter with a stranger. Narrated by the ineffable John Coons.

Running Time: 16minutes
Download Drizzle (MP3)


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  • Hi

    This is a good way to practice my English and help my students, as well.
    keep on working !!

  • John

    What the Hell was this story about ?

  • finalrune

    I hope you don’t mind that I’m happy that you found the ending cryptic. The story is supposed to leave you with some ‘what ifs’ and is deliberately ambiguous. The best interpretation I’ve heard is from @andrewmcgahon_ on Twitter “personally took it that the drizzle are the little things that irk us and inconvenience our lives.”

  • Marta

    Quick question, if a group of amateur acting students wanted to use one of your scripts for a radio play podcast (free) who do we contact to request it? Thanks! x

  • black


  • renae

    INTERESTING…….. lost a bit at the end, but i guess im gonna have to listen to it again! lol

  • finalrune

    Glad you liked it, Renae! The ending was left a little ambiguous deliberately (more a commentary on the absurdity of existence than a ‘gotcha!’ moment).

  • Norman Schmaltz

    How may I receive a podcast?