Fall of the Hero

fall of the hero - a fantasy audio drama

Written and Produced by Frederick Greenhalgh

Sir Grace was the most valiant of all knights, decked in glorious armor that glowed in the sun and a record of dragon-slaying and maiden saving on par with none. But a battle with a renowned wizard with ambiguous ambitions forces Sir Grace to consider things he never imagined, and face his greatest enemy yet: himself.

Running Time: 24 minutes
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Fall of the Hero Fantasy Audio Drama

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  • Narrator: Ian Carlsen
  • Sir Grace: Philip Hobby
  • Squire: Fred Greenhalgh
  • Roland D’Arcanus, Imp: Corey Anderson
  • The Maiden: Mia Perron
  • Voices: Andriana Colucci

Sound Effects:

  • Record on-location
  • Supplemental effects courtesy of Sounddogs.com


  • Original Music by Michael Beaudoin
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  • Wonderful, wonderful!

  • llc

    Mr Greenhalgh, I saw ur comment on Devon Cox blog & clicked. I listened to “Fall of a Hero”. Impressive! Iam not a critic so I dont know about technical comparisons. I listened for 25m+ because I enjoyed it. I had a boss in 1970 that would record, from his collection, ancient radio programs on my blank “cassette tapes” in exchange for another blank. I had a couple of “The Shadow”, “Sherlock Holmes”, a comedy duo(not L&H or A&C) & some others I cant remember. All lost over time. Keep Going. later llc.

  • llc — thanks so much for the comment! Good to hear that the story clicks even for a non-audio enthusiast… that’s one of the worries with this work. Hope you enjoy the rest of the site.


  • Such a great mix here at Final Rune. Really dig it. This one kind of reminded me of that old world conservatism. Our hero was lost in the past and old thinking, unable to change. And what does not change, dies.

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  • mattyconchatty

    I like it. Ive been listening to radio drama my entire life while going to sleep. Mostly cbs Radio Mystery, and the like. Its cool your keeping it alive.

  • mattyconchatty

    Not many know about such born since the 80’s