Future Projects

Producer Fred always seems to get talked into* doing new projects, so what you see here is anything but a comprehensive list.

Our general direction: more original work, and a launch of self-enclosed, but episodic storylines.

* By “talked into,” we mean, someone suggests a crazy idea and Fred jumps on board to help make it happen.

  • Some Road Through the Desert
    The follow-up to Day of the Dead! Hundreds of miles west of New Orleans, the kid is dying of thirst in the desert, until a mysterious man gives him a ride to a town that comes to life only in the dark hours, and it’s always a dark hour…
  • Amerigeddon
    Somewhere in a cheap Chinese buffet in South Miami, Jesus waits for Lucifer to discuss the apocalypse. Much to ol’ Lucy’s chagrin, however, the king of light is having some second thoughts. Even worse, her attempt to start the end of days gets attributed to terrorists. The two soon find themselves on a run from men in black helicopters and careening through America’s two-lane highways on a road trip misadventure of apocalyptic proportions.
  • The Cleansed
    An epic science fiction adventure spanning 30 episodes. In a war-torn future, three friends embark on a quest to rescue a man who they think is a hero. Yet, the soon discover that the world is more terrible and ambiguous than they imagined.