Intensive Care

Intensive Care Hospital Horror Drama(Horror)
Written by James Comtois

Alex wakes in a run-down New England hospital with foggy memories of a car accident. He asks nurses about his missing girlfriend, Elizabeth, but can’t seem to get any answers. In fact, he can’t seem to get anything straight from anyone. And – was that a scream in the distance?

Alex soon realizes that his condition is more critical than he first believed.  Because very, very soon, he is coming back, and he may not have such great ideas for Alex.

Play Intensive Care:

Download “Intensive Care” (MP3)

Production Team:

Matthew J Boudreau, Samantha Mason, and Frederick Greenhalgh


  • Nat Angstrom – Alex
  • Bernie Horowitz – Mrs. Lee
  • PG Lorusso – Mr. Bradley
  • Kristina Balbo – Elizabeth
  • Dave Marshall – Doctor
  • Hannah Kramer – Nurse 1
  • Janice Gardner – Nurse 2
  • Ashley Brooks – Nurse 3

This production was recorded on location at North Dam Mill in Biddeford, Maine, October 2011.

Location recording by Fred Greenhalgh and Michael DiAmeda
Sound Design and Music by Matthew J Boudreau and Barbara Truex
Original Art by Monique Boudreau

Special Thanks to Doug Sanford, Carolyn Gosselin, the City of Biddeford, RODE Microphones and the ZOOM Corporation

Recording Photos:

[zenphotopress album=23 sort=random number=5]

  • Love the set-up and became addicted to the entire drama! Once again, FinalRune scores an A+ with me.

  • Thanks Gary! We love the feedback 🙂

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  • TJ

    Absolutely amazing! This one went above & beyond!

  • Reclusive Knight

    This is the best story that I’ve downloaded yet!!! I really love ‘Mrs. Lee’ ****

  • finalrune

    Thanks! So glad you enjoyed it… oh, poor Mrs. Lee…

  • Zane

    This is a really wonderful story and very well put together. I love this kind of mental horror, it’s my favorite! Top notch!

  • finalrune

    Thanks so much Zane! Glad you enjoyed it – I’ve shared your comments with the other creators, who will be thrilled to hear people are still stumbling across this dark number

    – Fred

  • AJ Ajantha Godahewa

    This one is super cool.

  • finalrune

    Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it

  • Tina Barton

    Great story, just discovered this site via search engine . Loving your stuff !!.

  • Minerva

    Absolutely awesome. Really scary, and not what you want to listen to right before sleep! : )

  • finalrune

    Fantastic! I mean, sorry about your sleep and all, but… that’s the intended effect 🙂

  • Well done with some unexpected twists and turns! 🙂

  • finalrune

    Thanks for listening, Kevin!!!

  • Yi Lun choong

    May i have the audio script? i’m really interesting with it…

  • Fizza Jones

    wow this was amazing, totally gave me the chills, possibly the best one I have heard on this website !

  • Gajanan Sabhahit

    Awesome 🙂 keep it up guys. Looking forward to more scripts like these

  • Barrett T. Harger

    This is very impressive. It keeps jerking you around where you aren’t sure what’s really going on. The voice acting and music is great along with the writing.