Open Season: A Joe Gunther Novel

Joe Gunther Audio Drama

Announcing: Open Season the Audio Drama

An old lady tormented by lewd phone calls blasts a man with a shotgun as he walks in through the door, and Brattleboro’s everyman detective, Joe Gunther, is called out to investigate.

It’s clear that not everything is as it seems – the description of the phone calls and the dead man outside don’t match up.

And even stranger, the dead man and the old lady were jurors on the same controversial trial three years ago.

So begins “Open Season,” the inaugural Joe Gunther novel from Archer Mayor (THE PRICE OF MALICE, OCCAM’S RAZOR), an author who has earned lofty praise from The New York Times and Chicago Tribune.

Listen to the FIRST EPISODE of this New Production:

Running Time: 28 minutes

Download the Joe Gunther Pilot! (MP3)


Written by Archer Mayor, audio adaptation by Fred Greenhalgh. Produced and Directed by Fred Greenhalgh.

Field recording by Randall Farr, original score by James Munro. Holiday music by Kevin Macleod.

Something Different in Audiobook Publishing

In a startling divergence from traditional audiobook production, Vermont Audio Drama Podcasting commissioned FinalRune Productions to produce a pilot episode for what will become a serialization of the novel “Open Season.”

This pilot was recorded in FinalRune’s signature on-location recording style at an old house in South Portland, Maine (courtesy of Mad Horse Theater Company) with a compliment of excellent Maine-based actors including Audie-award winning narrator Bill Dufris.

Actors crowded into the back seat of a car and drove through the snow, got out of cars and walked up stairs while shouting lines, and acted off one another in claustrophobic rooms – much like recording a movie, only without the camera.

Field Recording Production Photos:

[zenphotopress album=9 sort=random number=9]

Why Record This Way?

Recording on-location imparts a sonic reality and level of richness impossible to achieve in a traditional sound studio. The finished production sounds much more like an “audio movie,” resulting in a more engrossing listening experience.

The episodic nature of the project is also uniquely suited to the way we listen today. This serial will be easily listened to on an iPod, Kindle, iPad, or other mobile device. Like the old time radio days, installments will about 30 minutes long, leaving listeners eager to hear what will happen next!

I Want More!

If you’d like more information on the audio pilot, or to hear more of it, contact Vermont Audio Drama Podcasting.

We’re also starting a mailing list, if you want to hear when more news is available on this project, just drop in your email below (we will use it for NOTHING else!).

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And there’s plenty more good audio available right now produced by FinalRune – check out our stories page to get listening.

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  • Jeffrey Dick

    Great site – glad to learn about these productions. Enjoyed listening to Open Season on my laptop. Question, how do I get this onto my iPod?


  • Thanks Jeffrey! You can actually now find our shows on iTunes – search ‘finalrune’ or click this direct link:

    You can subscribe to FinalRune’s new shows just like a regular podcast

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  • Monica Williams

    Can’t wait for the next episode

  • Shella ?^^

    Thank you! I need this to stop my boredom in office while doing my work.. THANKS

  • finalrune

    Thanks Sheila! So glad you enjoy our work. Happy listening 🙂

    – Fred

  • Johanna

    Where do I find the next episodes of Open Season. It’s a great story!

  • finalrune

    Johanna – so far we just have the pilot, but, we hope to develop the rest of the series some day (perhaps soon). Thanks for listening!!

    – Fred