The Most Dangerous Game

Most Dangerous Game Radio Drama(Adventure)
Written by Richard Connell, New Audio Adaptation by Fred Greenhalgh

Adapted anew from the short story – a retelling of the story heard in the 1940s on Escape and Suspense!

Wealthy big-game hunter Sanger Rainsford falls off his boat in the middle of the Caribbean and finds himself on a curious island. He finds the mansion of General Zaroff, a Cossack who has a taste for the hunt, and will go to any extreme to keep himself entertained.

A thrilling tale with a lot of history (thank you Wikipedia)

Running Time: 28 minutes
Download The Most Dangerous Game (MP3)

Producer and Director: Fred Greenhalgh


  • Burke Brimmer as Whitney
  • Craig Bowden, as Rainsford
  • Brent Askari, as General Zaroff

Field recordist Randall Farr, Musical Score by Barb Truex, Classical Music by Kevin MacLeod

Recorded on location in the Greater Portland Maine area the summer of 2009.

To learn more about the Mad Horse Theater Company, visit their website,

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  • Regina McDonald

    the book was very interesting, it caught me of guard and i enjoyed the suspense. it was excellent

  • great stuff, thanks from the english dept here in houston! a wonderful adaptation for audio use in our classroom. much appreciated, keep up the good work. -best

  • steoh

    danget its not the same as the story ugh

  • caleigh ciancaglione

    i like this book i think it was really cool to read

  • Kayla

    I liked the story. It was ok.

  • keikwaji

    this is good very good not at all like the book though

  • shaikia

    this story is very instresting and alot of drama and mystries that i never wanted to put the book down are press pause when it was over i still wanted more. this is a good story ill give it a 5* star. *****

  • brooke

    im a freshmen and yesturday my english class read this book; i personally loved it; we had the narrator, whoever that was, read it and we read along. the narrator did all the voices perfectly <3. today we finished the book and my teacher decided to just read it herself. i wanted to scream HELLLSSS NOOO!!!! cause i love the narrator voice :p and now im dying to find the audio for it and listen to the narrators voice read the rest of the book, but i cant find it. D;. so thats my life story and holy run on sentence! lol 😉

  • Jeremy LeDonne

    I am a fresh man this year and we just had to read this book and I loved it. It is a very good book. I never wanted to put it down till I finished it.

  • lisandra

    this book is so awesome and intense when i saw it i thought it was going to been boring but when it finished i said HEELL NOOO IT OVER!? (:

  • Glad you all enjoyed the show! We had fun bringing some audio adventure life to a classic short story. Do listen to the original radio play if you get a chance

  • Laura Perez

    This book was very interesting. the principle seemed to be boring but after reading a few lines began to interest me and read it to know more and know their end, is good

  • Roberto Torres

    i didnt understand what they was trying to say

  • Clariiii Lopez

    it was really quite interesting bout reading this book…….:)

  • Clariii Lopez

    Thiz waz really quite intresting bout thiz bokk”)

  • Princess

    OMG I had to hear the audio in class and I fell alseep of how much I hated it! And now I am listening to it because I need to answer some questions for the homework 🙁 so if you want to helpo me out that will be perfect :)But this audio was amazing!

  • michael johnson

    this was beat

  • I like this book alot and the voice acting, except for the guy who played Rainsford. And the ending was kinda cool but wierd.

  • this was a really good book

  • jasmine aka pebels

    this adio is off da chane an i dont like to read i wasnt to happy at first cuz i had 2 read it 4 apex so iwas mad but when mr.goff said google it on audio i was like thats waz up and i thought i was gonna fall aslep but when i pressed play i got interstead so i recomend people 2 read it its total a 5 just like me lol lol lol hahahahahahahahahahahahahahas lol .:)

  • jasmine aka pebels

    this book is off da chan when i got this asiment i was like eww i am not a type of girl that likes to read but when mr.goff said google the audio an i was like yes 2 be honest i thaught i was gna fall aslep but when i pressed play it was interesting i give is a 5………………………….. 🙂

  • kriti khadka

    a very….. good book

  • kriti khadka

    a very….. good book…i enjoyed reading it…

  • cody

    im in 9th grade and the book sucked so bad it wasnt even funny

  • cody

    jk i loved it

  • Diana

    I am a freshman this year and we read this story in class. So mysterious and captivating!

  • Hannah

    I’m a freshman and this is one of the best short stories ever.

  • freshman year at edmond santa fe, gotta read this book

  • i did that yesterday , went to sleep while listening to the audio

  • zach

    not bad but kinda creepy

  • matt

    this reminds me of the movie The Pest

  • ebbie22

    my friend and i have a project due on this story and both hate reading

  • student

    wait… did rainsford kill him at the end??

  • finalrune

    You’re going to have to listen again to the ending to figure that out 🙂

  • dangerousdavis

    i am a teacher and i have to teach this stupid book

  • finalrune

    Davis – Ha! Well, hopefully the audio version of it shows it in a different light. What are the teachable moments in the story? The risks associated with getting stranded on a desert island and fighting off dogs with clever traps?

    – Fred

  • speedy

    this book sucks i hate it its a wast of time like all books are

  • finalrune

    Speedy – hopefully your teacher doesn’t come across this comment, ouch. I guess someone has failed to inspire you to love books and learning. Trust us, it’s the best stuff ever. Tell us what you like in movies, tv, etc. and we will hook you up with some good books.

    – Fred

  • adriana de la rosa

    boring story

  • finalrune

    Sorry you didn’t like it Adriana! There are plenty of other stories on our website… Maybe try one of those?

    – Fred

  • Lexiandysixx

    I was reading this book in class and i found it very interesting:)

  • breeana

    why is this book so DAMN long , For no reason … All freshmans have to read this book . so far that i know

  • jacob

    this is awesome

  • jacob

    you suck

  • drpigweiner

    “I am still a beast at bay.”
    One of the best short stories about our animal nature. It’s sad to see the youth so apathetic about reading – and the educators so careless about exploring the symbolism and meaning of this great novella. If you like this book read heart of darkness. These works speak volumes about human nature.

  • nunya

    i like this book a lil bit

  • nunya

    who does

  • Tiyun Sims

    real good book must read

  • deeznuts

    my dick turned into a vagina like catilyn jenner because of this story. I guess you can call me dequesha now instead of dequan

  • finalrune

    Badass Book like hardcore as fuckin’ hell!!

  • g

    bkjbjb jlkbjb jk bkj k trash

  • Johnnie

    I wish they would read a bit more than just dialogue, but other than that it was awesome.