Our Christmas Gift to You: “Three Skeleton Key”

Three Skeleton Key Radio Drama Retelling

Image from Dvorak Blog

FinalRune is proud to announce the release of our third and final (for 2009!) installment in our Old Time Radio re-creation project with The Mad Horse Theater Company: Three Skeleton Key.

And what a doozy it is! Three men who tend the light at a reclusive island off the coast of French Guiana see a rogue ship adrift in the Atlantic. The reason for the derelict ship soon becomes obvious – it has been overrun by hundreds of thousands of ferocious ship’s rats.

The rats land on the isle and soon we are in for a claustrophobic tale of terror as the three men struggle to keep their minds from cracking under the pressure of thousands and thousands of squeaking, scratching, hungry rats.

“Three Skeleton Key” is among the most famous of old time radio tales, learn much more about its history on the Escape and Suspense! Blog.

This production also brought FinalRune players to perhaps the most interesting field location yet: Goat Island Lighthouse off the coast of Cape Porpoise, Maine. Plenty of pictures up on Flickr (and note! The light is delightful and beautiful, acoustically perfect for this tale of terror but much better suited for a picnic lunch if you have your eyes with you).

Anyways, this is a great production. Go to the Three Skeleton Key page to listen for free.