Recording Wraps on The Troll of Stony Brook

The Troll of Stony Brook

Killer artwork by Simon Adams

What would happen if a troll still lived in the diminishing wild around us?

To explore that question comes FinalRune’s new show, The Troll of Stony Brook.

An awkward teenager, Jamie, is driving home one night from a party when he hits something – something big. His pushy co-worker, Rick, talks him into going back to the scene of the accident… and what they find will change them both forever.

This exciting story of what happens when nature is pushed to the brink takes place largely outdoors. So, in a true test of the field recording experience, the intrepid FinalRune cast and crew set out on a sunny spring day to record in the woods being Fred’s off-grid homestead in Alfred, Maine.

As always, adventure happened – inevitable when you get a group of actors and interesting looking gear in random places.

We had kids looking on, were kicked off one prospective location, and even had a few people get lost as they made their way back from the woods! (For the record, Fred is not a registered Maine Guide).

Anyways, the audio is excellent, and in a bold coup there were even some scenes recorded in Bill Dufris’ audiobook voice-over studio. Stay tuned for release in early June.

Here are some pictures (plenty more in our photo gallery):

The Troll of Stony Brook

The Troll (Bill Dufris) begs Jamie (Philip Hobby) to remember the wild things.

The Troll of Stony Brook
Reporter (Christine Marshall) and Sargeant (Christopher Price) at the scene of a horrific crime.

The Troll of Stony Brook
Fred giving direction at a car scene recorded in the woods.

The Troll of Stony Brook
The story’s namesake – a new development in Southern Maine.