RuneScapes for December 08 – New Drama, Short Stories, and a Podcast?

You’re getting this because you’ve been involved in some capacity with FinalRune in the past few years, whether as part of the actual production or more distantly — enjoying it and telling me so, telling others, inspiring me, teaching me, or giving me a solid whack on the head when needed.

So, thanks for all that, and I tentatively welcome you to what I hope to become a regular sort of newsletter for the productions.

Now, if your first reaction is Tourettes-like cursing at the prospect of yet another email, then hey, the unsubscribe is very handy, you have my humblest apologies, and I shan’t bother ye again.

But… permitting you can stand a little bit more verbiage in your inbox, I hope you’ll get something of this little ditty, where I’m hoping to divulge some behind-the-scenes info on each production, share more stories, release work before it goes up anywhere else and undoubtedly try and fail to enlighten.

Whether you’re a die-hard fan of my stories (and if you are, please tell me) or still wondering why you’re on this list, I hope you give me a shot and even more hope you get something out of this email.

It’s an honor to have your attention.

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Coming Soon: A Trip to “Lullaby Canyon”

On a long highway stretching from one end of the desert to another, a traveler staggers dazed as phantoms dance across the horizon. He’s from the North, this kid, and so the experience of the desert is part reality and part gumbo of cultural mythology — creaky ghost towns, shifty gunslingers, circling vultures and Native American legend. As his spirit nearly collapses on the side of the lonely road, he’s picked up by a passing van and brought to a desolate town that wakes up after the sun goes down…

FinalRune’s next work, “Lullaby Canyon” (originally a standalone short story called “Some Road Through the Desert”) is being reworked in its transformation to audio to be a the sequel to my first work, Day of the Dead.

I wrote the short story only days after being off the road, having just landed in New Orleans after a month-long wander across the coasts in my Miata roadster. I was enamored with the southwest as we traveled through on long highways where you could let go of the wheel and just hit the pedal, through shifting edges and landscape and red and brown.

Beautiful country, and a place worth spending time, if not a lifetime, though I may be too much a lover of Maine’s trees and ocean.

I’m working on the adaptation now, which in reality is actually still in the research phase, as I immerse myself in stories of Southwest myth and legend, and in particular tales of the underworld. While we’re leaving Orpheus behind, this story does follow the traveler into another world, as he finds ghosts return to a ghost town after dark and himself trapped in a bet with a surly rogue that he can’t play a guitar lick to save his life.

Know of any particularly great works of the Southwest you’d like to share? Native American legends? Stories realized in sound — dramatized, or told? Poems or short stories? Let me know, I’d love to hear!

You can read the original tale — Some Road Through the Desert here: — as well as hear me read it aloud!

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FinalRune To Release Short Story Originals of Dramatized Work

Speaking of stories of the written type, I’ve gotten so many requests that I’ve decided to release the original short stories of FinalRune’s adaptations. It’s a bit of a fun experiment, as while I doubt these stories are fit for publishing in the New Yorker, why the heck can’t I put them on my own site? It’s not like I’m paying to have my own book published, and it gives another avenue where people can experience FinalRune.

I’ll probably work in reverse chronological order, starting with the release of Waiting for a Window this month and the rest in January. If you think this is a good idea, or a particularly bad one, I’m game for hearing that too.

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What Would You Like to See in a FinalRune Podcast?

And, since I don’t have enough things to do already, I’m playing with the idea of getting out at least one piece of audio for the FinalRune site a month. It won’t be fully produced audio drama, but maybe soundbits, bytes, story fragments or other material. And heck, we know we have some outtakes from some of the shows we’ve done.

Not a lot of audio drama groups seem to be telling stories around the story (notable exception being ZBS’ Meatballs’ Meatballs), but I’m hoping that I can help keep the fire going even when I’m not actively producing a tale, and maybe get a few more ears on my work.

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Okay, so that’s that. Still reading? Great! I haven’t failed yet. And hey, maybe I’m lucky, and you even liked it…

So expect to get another one of these next month, if you’re up for it, and don’t hesitate to contact me with anything you’d like to talk about — great story ideas, remarks on the craft, things you’d like to see, amazing opportunities I’m failing to see… Just, um, avoid baseball. Not really my thing.

Thanks for listening!

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