Solar Powered!

Solar Powered Audio Drama!
Producer Fred Greenhalgh’s off-grid home studio is powered by solar. This photo was taken during a power outage… for most people, that is!

In addition to being really fun to both record and listen to, FinalRune’s audio stories are produced using clean energy from the sun.

Producer Fred Greenhalgh lives a pretty unconventional lifestyle at a homestead in rural Maine.

When he’s not writing or producing radio plays, you can often find him in the garden or milking a goat. His small off-grid house uses only about 2KW/hr of power a day, about the same amount as a regular light bulb if you left it in all day!

In addition to just really being psyched about living a sustainable lifestyle while doing what he loves, Fred also works as the online marketer for leading Maine solar power and solar hot water installer, ReVision Energy.

A low-impact, buy local, sustainable living and art philosophy is at the heart and soul of FinalRune.

The energy you’re using to listen to it is clean, too, right?