Sorry, Wrong Number

Sorry, Wrong Number Radio Drama(Suspense/Horror)
Written by Lucille Fletcher (Who Else?)

A retelling of the classic from Suspense!

A bedridden neurotic woman dials a number and is accidentally connected to a call between two men who are plotting a murder. She becomes increasingly frantic as no one takes her fright seriously and time begins to run out.

Prepare to be spooked all over again in this thrilling adaptation!

Running Time: 27 minutes, 30 seconds
Sorry, Wrong Number – MP3 Download

Producer and Director: Fred Greenhalgh


Field recordist Randall Farr, Musical Score by Barb Truex.

Recorded on location in the Greater Portland Maine area the summer of 2009.

To learn more about the Mad Horse Theater Company, visit their website,

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  • Jim Nichols

    Great work! Thanks! I grew up with radio, in the 1940’s, laying on the living room carpet, eyes closed, as my mind created its own images of The Lone Ranger, Captain Midnight, The Shadow, Tom Mix, I Love a Mystery, Inner Sanctum, The Mysterious Traveler, et al…
    Kids today don’t have a CLUE, as to what they’ve missed, in what Orson Welles called “the theater of the mind”…Just as the older teenagers are so very romantically-deprived, with the disappearance of the drive-in theaters…I’ve lived in the best years this nation has ever known.
    Hope to one day hear “War of the Worlds”, if you can swing it.
    Jim Nichols Billings MT

  • Thanks so much, Jim! These were really our tribute to the old time era – we love it as much as anyone though the focus is really on producing original work. It’s not really “War of the Worlds,” but you could give a listen to the last act of our Halloween show for our take on a tribute 🙂

    Hope you continue to enjoy our shows!

  • hello i like your recordings last year…
    please have more recordings for suspense and more etc…

  • mabu

    Brilliant work 🙂

  • Ms. Rose’s Drama Class

    My group of students read the script and then we listened to your presentation. It was great! It really gave my students an opportunity to hear how powerful the use of voices can be! Thank you so much!

  • zeenat

    what would the climax and the falling action would be for this story?

  • Henry

    Great work! Studying, and this drama in South Africa, and this audio file helps a lot. Thanks.

  • Fantastic! Not sure if you caught it but we were doing some audio recording in South Africa ourselves this Winter:


  • hch

    Great play we listened to it in my english class

  • Sarah Fedd.

    I did to. Just yesterday. Kewlio! ^-^

  • maica

    great work, now I do understand this radio play cu’z we have our radio play in english so I don’t think the outcome of the presentation will surpass this great work,I’m a shy one..

  • Stephen McBride

    Enjoyed my first radio play since the closing of Springbok Radio in the early 80’s. Wonderful, really missed it!!

  • finalrune

    So great to hear it!


    i need help!!!! my english teacher is making me wright about sorry wrong number, but here the catch. i have to wright which version(the radio play or movie) is more suspenseful and why. please help. i could use anything thanks!!

  • finalrune

    Oh Hunter… I don’t know how to say this, but you need to do your homework, bud.