The Blind Man’s Confession

Blind Man's Confession Audio Horror Story

(Horror) Running Time: 12m
Written and Produced by Frederick Greenhalgh

A chilling audio horror story: A young man’s joyride one October night turns into a hell he could never imagine. Originally published in Blue Murder Magazine.

Running Time: 12 minutes
The Blind Man’s Confession


  • Can’t believe there are no comments on this. You are brilliant and this was exceptionally well done! Thanks so much for the listen.

  • A good old time chiller. Well done. I’m enjoying the mix here at Final Rune, but like the Horror the most.

  • Victoria

    Such vivid descriptions in Blind Man’s Confession. Thorougly enjoyed the great writing and narration, and the effort it must have taken to produce. I will be donating to this site when I get the chance and looking into purchasing some versions of my own.

  • Victoria,

    Appreciate the comment! Hope it spooked you 😉 Do shout out to have me listen for your own stuff when you get at it.


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  • Hi

    Great !!

    Well done. Useful to train my listening my second language

  • Susana

    Juan I’m sorry I understood very litle, I think I don’t have the level to this. It’s my fault. Reading is very easy but understanding for me is a nightmare

  • William Tatum

    Loved it!

  • finalrune

    Glad you enjoyed this dark number 🙂

  • Ollie

    Very good!