The Cleansed – Episode Zero

The Cleansed Audio Drama Pilot(Speculative Fiction)

Some time in the not so distant future, the world as we know it is starting to unravel. The United States is mired in unwinnable wars, gas is scarce and the transportation system grinds to a halt. Homegrown terrorists take out the electric grid.

Food is strictly rationed and distributed by the military. As citizens grow increasingly angry with the government, martial law is called in to maintain peace.

And then things really start to get bad.

The city of Bangor, Maine becomes the epicenter of the apocalypse as the world collapses in a great event later to be known as “The Breaking.”

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For more info about the epic series (nearing the completion of a 12-hour epic saga!) see: The Cleansed.


  • Written, directed and produced by Fred Greenhalgh
  • Executive producer: William Dufris
  • Richard Fish as Comeau
  • Bobby Russell as himself
  • William Dufris as Stephen King and Murray
  • Rylee Ann Doiron as Jenny
  • Philip Hobby as Jake
  • Christopher Price as Kurt
  • Dave Marshall as Rebel
  • Paul Drinan as John Prophet
  • Kym Dakin as Sam
  • Chris Newcomb as David
  • Burke Brimmer as Chris
  • Ben Myshrall as Kid
  • Lisa Muller-Jones as Sarah
  • Pope Brock as Man and Rebel 2
  • Brent Askari as Sawyer and Mike
  • Rebecca Myshrall as Luke
  • Dave LaGraffe as Lee
  • Sound recordists: Randall Farr and Jodd Bowles
  • Production Assistance: Katie Freddoso

Mixed and Mastered by Mind’s Eye Productions.  Recorded on location at the Biddeford Airport in Biddeford Maine and other locations in Southern Maine. Additional sound effects courtesy of Mind’s Eye Productions and

Music: Bad-ass rock tunes “Sailing” and “Walking Dead” by The Big Coffin Hunters, groovy funky jazz tune recorded and produced by University of Maine Augusta Audio program, and cover of “Run Through the Jungle” courtesy of Gringoman, lyrics licensed through Limelight.

Special thanks to:

  • Stephen King and his rock and roll radio station, WKIT 100.3
  • The City of Biddeford
  • Tom Lopez of ZBS
  • Rich Fish
  • Amy Titcomb and Yawft Yummies LLC
  • KC Wayland (Wayland Productions)
  • The Dead Ford Trading Post
  • William Dufris
  • Anthony Marino
  • You, our listener

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