The War on Poverty

The War on Poverty Audio DramaIn a back back back door meeting in the White House, the President and his most trusted advisors discuss a new conflict which is unavoidable, absolutely essential to America (at least insofar as justifying the ballooning Department of Defense budget).

This new conflict, nay, War, will be a War fought against one of the most pervasive ills that has cursed civilization since the beginning. A War on… Poverty.

Wait. Poverty? How do you attack poverty?

This tongue in cheek 5 minute treat was produced for an audio engineering course Fred recently took with Dave Moulton (a Grammy nominated engineer) with the University of Maine in Augusta.

Voted most likely to get Fred on an FBI watch list!

Download The War on The War on Poverty (MP3)


  • Written, directed and produced by Fred Greenhalgh
  • Dave Marshall – The Man in Black
  • Bill Dufris – The President
  • Burke Brimmer – The General
  • Hannah Kramer – The Analyst
  • Johnny Speckman – The Pilot
  • Joe Duley – Co-Pilot
  • Emily Burnham – Anchorwoman
  • Philip Hobby – Anchorman
  • Original music – Barb Truex

This production was recorded in-studio at Mind’s Eye Productions for a University of Maine Augusta audio engineering class, Spring 2010.    Sound effects and additional music courtesy of and

Special thanks to the UMA Audio 319 class for the spring of 2010.

  • Zainab

    this is really great. loved the audio and all effects. i could even hear lips movements! this is really really good. keep it up. 🙂

  • Gerund

    Hey guys!

    Your production is awesome! Keep up with your work

  • Ron

    will not download just play

  • Emm

    What about us old folks that worked in the 50’s 60’s and 70’s ?? with very low wages not paying the system of any degree…and some of us women who didn’t work for most of our yourger years and only worked a little..and now having very low SSA? and taking away food stamps from over 150.00 tp 67.00…now what?? how do we live,,,without being in poverty???

  • finalrune

    Emm – thanks for your comment! Yeah, this is a really tough question and not easily answered… We raise questions with a provocative story but leave the listener to figure out what to make of it. Hope you enjoyed it.

    – Fred

  • lendon

    Amazing, sound from different directions. that make me turn my head.