Why FinalRune?

FinalRune – Mystery and Meaning

Breakthrough – Transformation – Day: DagazDagaz Rune of Dawn

Here is the final Rune belonging to the Cycle of Initiation. Drawing Dagaz often signals a major shift or breakthrough in the process of self-change, a complete transformation in attitude, a 180-degree turn. For some, the transition is so radical that they are no longer able to live the ordinary life in the ordinary way.

The Book of Runes by Ralph H. Blum

I stumbled across this bit of text years after I’d been using the moniker “Final Rune.” It was a completely random set of words to choose, originally, but the phrase seemed to fit, was easily memorable, and no one else on the Internet was using it.

The more I’ve learned about runes and particularly Dagaz, the more the symbol fits with my ambitions as an individual artist and as part in creating an entity that will hopefully transcend me. Long before I thought about using radio drama as the means of my art, I was committed to stories that dashed off the beaten path of literature, flirted with the boundaries of genre and twisted the naive heads off the rules while they weren’t looking. I enjoy fiction that is surreal, even psychedelic, yet rooted in mysticism, mythology, and folklore. “Final Rune” embodies a boundary between the physical realm and the mystical one, between history and future, between something ancient and the thoroughly modern. I attempt to create stories that dance this fine line.

Though I hope my work is not as misunderstood or lost in the annals of time as the true runes, I do reverently respect their mystery and hope that at times I can reach in that next realm to steal a nugget of wisdom. It is a risky dance, with cliche on one precipice and obscurity on the other, but conjuring one sublime moment to one person along the way would be more repayment than I might ever ask. In the meantime, I hope to entertain in the best way I can.

  • Dagaz was a gift from the Runes to me for a long long journey in search of what I did not understand. When I did understand it took pulling Dagaz for the first time ever, and knowing he was there to mark my new life. That life is growing each day. I treasure life, as I no longer live with pain of my soul and noise in my mind. I live with sun in my heart and free space in my mind. I use this much deserved space for thinking good things and making good things happen in my life, for myself and my world as we are one in the same. Cheers to you. Where can I hear your show? KK

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  • My Dagaz is four plus years old. It marked me as a reminder. Anytime I feel trapped I remember Dagaz is with me reminding me to live with a clear mind. I need to meet Ralph Blume. The countless things I want to experience with Ralph. I do not know what they are but I am sure Ralph will know exactly what process and reading that will offered but I do know what ever it is coming from Ralph will be present to new members