Modern, original audio drama is our specialty – gripping, energizing ‘movies for your mind’


Radio drama, audio theater, audio drama, audio fiction–whatever the moniker, we’re talking about stories told with the power of sound alone. Calling on a history pioneered by the likes of Orson Welles, Norman Corwin, and Arch Oboler, FinalRune’s modern audio dramas honor the tradition of the 40s and 50s while propelling the art form into the 21st century.

We use cutting-edge on location recording techniques, immersive sound design, complex and talented casts, and original scores to haunt, thrill, amuse, and delight. Our stories [mostly originals] question, prod, explore. We chart the demise of modern civilization, wonder what would happen if trolls lived in our midst, or open the doors on a haunted house where something dark lurks in the basement.

We make our shows available as free downloads, and enjoy them on the go: grab our RSS Feed, dig us up in iTunes or Stitcher radio, find us on SoundCloud and use their app, or dim the lights, press the play button on your computer, and kill your monitor and get ready to go on a journey of the imagination.

Our works have reached millions of listeners from every country on the globe, and we’ve produced on commission for everyone from Audible to small independent producers.

Our stories broadcast on the biggest screen you’ll ever have: your mind. Now sit back and enjoy the ride.

Frederick Greenhalgh

Writer – Director – Producer
Host, Radio Drama Revival

 FinalRune News

03-01-2016 - New eBook Teaches Filmmaking without the Camera

ebookCall it the 'unwritten chapter' to most texts in Film Sound. This eBook provides simple, actionable tips and techniques for filmmakers who want to learn how to apply their craft to make movies without the camera. A survey of the challenges and opport...

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10-05-2015 - Locke and Key the Audio Drama now Available on Audible

locke-and-key-the-audio-drama-now-available-on-audible A year after primary recording, months and months of post-production re-recording, sound design, original scoring, and mastering, we are proud to announce that Locke and Key, created by Joe Hill and Gabe Rodriguez, adapted for audio by FinalRune's Fred Greenhalgh and AudioComics's Elaine Lee, is now LIVE, and available for free, through Nov 4, 2015.

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09-14-2015 - "Vampire at the Vernal Pool" Audio Toured Featured in Local Press

vampire-in-the-vernal-pool-audio-toured-featured-in-local-pressOur work with Biddeford High School students on a pilot project combining the art of theater as outdoors-experiential learning (and long-term hiker terror) was featured in local publication The Journal Tribune. Audio tours provide historic view of...

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07-07-2015 - Audible Announces "Locke & Key" the Audio Drama, Adapted by FinalRune and AudioComics

audible-announces-locke-key-the-audio-drama-adapted-by-finalrune-and-audiocomicsFinalRune Productions is delighted to announce that Audible has announced a staggeringly innovative project: the adaptation of "Locke & Key" the epic graphic novel saga by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez, carried by IDW Publishing.  We worked on ...

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04-25-2015 - The Cleansed: Season 3 Recording Begins

the-cleansed-season-3-recording-beginsFinalRune is pleased to announce that recording has begun for Season 3 of The Cleansed! Season 3, the final season, pulls together the various storylines in one apocalyptic finish. Saul and Paul are seemingly impossible to stop as the set wheels ...

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