Announcing: Collaboration with Mad Horse Theater Company

Mad Horse Theatre CompanySpeaking of new work, FinalRune is extremely excited to announce our collaboration with the Mad Horse Theatre Company, Portland, Maine’s premier ensemble theater company with over 20 years experience bringing classic and offbeat plays to the Maine stage. They’ve done such works as The Children’s Hour, The History Boys, Bug, Pillowman, Of Mice and Men, Long Day’s Journey Into Night and Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead. Now, we’ll be revisiting some old time radio (OTR) plays — stories from the “Golden Age” of radio drama in the 1930-40s.

Wait, what — ?! A champion of modern audio drama is… going to do an OTR re-make?

Never fear. While I’ll be the first to admit that OTR re-makes have been done to death, we’ve agreed that OTR is like radio drama’s Shakespeare — and who will tell you that Shakespeare is holding back the theatre medium?

Also, the goal isn’t to just take the old script and imitate the original as closely as possible, ads for Roma wine and all. Instead, we’re going back to the original text (for plays that were adapted from short stories), listening to the various recordings (most of the popular OTR plays have 3-4 versions in circulation) and removing the technical limitations of 1940 from our thinking about these stories. Like a great cover artist, we’ll bring something of ourselves into these classics, rather than try for verisimilitude with the past.

Which exact works will you hear? Well… we’re not ready to share that yet. However, more to the point, is that we’re happy to announce when. The first run of stories (there will be three) will be released in September.