Blogs and Podcasts

Society of Audio Addicts
Danielle Cutler’s audio theatre-related blog, The Society of Audio Addicts has a great selection of links, podcasts, and articles of interest to audio theatre and radio drama enthustiasts. She was one of the first people to pick up my New Orleans myth-bas

Sonic Society
Far and away the most popular audio theater podcast, the Sonic Society has feature-rich episodes every week with great stories, interviews and audio theater news.

Lit Between the Ears
William Spears’ Lit Between the Ears features great interviews with a variety of audio pros and enthusiasts, with biting commentary and great humor. Very good reading!

Radio Drama Revival!
My own Radio Drama Revival! radio show airs on WMPG Portland, ME each week and I have the podcast up on Fridays. News, reviews, discussion and stories to be found here.

Check out the LibSyn directory for more audio drama podcasts than you can shake a stick at. Mostly OTR stuff

Dreamseed – Xander Davis Blog
Official blog of Dreamseed, creators of the excellent “Soul Rift” series and the short story “Buried in Falling Sand.” Features commentary, behind the scenes look at the productions, and other cool audio tidbits

Dirk Maggs
Official site for Dirk Maggs, the mad brains behind the new series of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, comic back adventures include Spiderman, Bathman, Judge Dredd and others

Audio Drama Talk
The “living room” of contemporary audio drama, so to speak. The only forum dedicated solely to contemporary audio drama, from fandom to production tips and everything in between