Barbara Truex

Roles: Original Score - Waiting for a Window, Three Skeleton Key, Sorry, Wrong Number, The Most Dangerous Game Live Music - Halloween Live Radio Drama 2009 Barbara Truex has been involved with the Portland, Maine, performing arts scene since 1989 and before that in southwestern Connecticut. She joined FinalRune in the creation of the score for Ogle-Award winning … [Read more...]

Myron Samuels

Myron Samuels busts out "finger lickin' good" blues every Wednesday evening on WMPG 90.9/104.1 for the Evenin' Sun show. Fred sought him out as an authority on blues for Day of the Dead, and his awesome harp became an inedible part of the drama's finger lickin' soundtrack. … [Read more...]

Primal Musik

In thick of Bourbon Street at midnight, the kid stumbles into a crazy club looking for his missing girlfriend. He soon realizes that what he thought existed and what was reality were too very different things, and suffers viciously for it. Primal Musik made club beat at the middle of this intense scene from Day of the Dead. … [Read more...]

Claude Galinsky

Claude "Doc" Galinsky is a blues guitar, bass, harmonica, and mandolin player who's been working his instruments since he was in diapers. Hailing from Westford, Mass, he got involved with Day of the Dead through Bill Lambert, a buddy Fred met at the Writers in Paradise conference in St. Petersburg, Florida. Claude's rich baritone and guitar skills brought to life the … [Read more...]

Anthony Michaud

Anthony Michaud is a music teacher in the Kennebunk, Maine school system and has a Master's Degree in Music Education. He is the founder and lead singer/guitarist for Little Melodies, a children's band that rocks varying music styles to children and families. Performing all original music, the band's styles range from rock to jazz, lullabies to swing. Overall, they seek for … [Read more...]