Year of the Horse

In January, 2014, my wife Amy, our daughter Nyana (age 1 1/2), and I embarked on a 3-week trip to Lesotho to oversee the installation of 4 solar panels and a battery storage system on a community hall in the village of Malealea.  The installation was the product of our long relationship with the local Malealea Development Trust (MDT), which in turn grew from Amy’s extensive … [Read more...]


Last night was our first real snow of the season.  Not heavy, but steady, following the trail of a sunny day with gales of knife-sharp wind that hint of the coming winter. I was walking in the dark, per usual, and as I crested the hill at the end of my road, the clouds broke free and a sickle moon cast in amber appeared, with galaxies and star glitter behind it. The wind … [Read more...]

Hope Springs Eternal

Two nights this week I've heard the calls of barred owls.  Yesterday it was in the gloaming, with the bird so close it sent chills up my spine - kakooo kakooooooooAArooooo. We go on these long walks because Nyana demands it.  At 11 months, she won't go to sleep save under a canopy of stars and so we walk out together in the darkness with the grandeur of Orion above us and pull … [Read more...]

This is Not About the Apocalypse

On January 1, 2007, Amy (who would ultimately become my wife) and I took the only day we had off together in the foreseeable future to check out bare land in Southern Maine. We had been on the hunt for months - looking for an affordable piece of land to put down roots, to get something more permanent than our transient stream of apartments that had comprised our life together … [Read more...]

I’m not religious, but

By Frederick Greenhalgh Download Poem Read Aloud by Author (MP3) I'm not religious, but every morning, as I get off work I buy Dixie's first black coffee and walk home with a disposable cup. The city snores, coughs, and murmurs. Darkness clings to concrete eaves. I trip over a man, thinking he's a garbage bag. I'm not religious, but 5AM is an odd hour. … [Read more...]