I’m not religious, but

By Frederick Greenhalgh Download Poem Read Aloud by Author (MP3) I'm not religious, but every morning, as I get off work I buy Dixie's first black coffee and walk home with a disposable cup. The city snores, coughs, and murmurs. Darkness clings to concrete eaves. I trip over a man, thinking he's a garbage bag. I'm not religious, but 5AM is an odd hour. … [Read more...]

Song of a Cajun

By Fred Greenhalgh In memory, Mark Krasnoff, 1963-2006 Poem inspired by the truth, but not based on reality Download Poem Read Aloud by Author (MP3) You preached to me -- "Next time FEMA, send lube" as your tongue spilled out black vile "Truth," you said, "Ask what's happening now, not six months ago" We all saw the water flood the streets but we never saw … [Read more...]