CONvergence 2012 #CVG2012

Photos of the audio geeks rocking at #CVG2012 held July 5-8, 2012 in Minneapolis, MN.  What happens when you mix incredibly large amounts of alcohol and 24 audio geeks together for a few days surrounded by Darth Maulers, bad ass chick superheroes, 8-bit monstrosities and occasional time travelers. [zenphotopress album=26 sort=random number=30] … [Read more...]

More Rode Field Gear on the Way

As I've reported in my prior article on recording in the field, I happen to love Rode gear - their mics are a great combination of affordability and quality, and the delicious, roomy, field recorded sound you hear in the latest FinalRune shows are largely a result of the Rode NT4 mic.  One of the things that troubles the NT4, and practically every mic when in the field, … [Read more...]

April RuneScapes: A trip to Ireland, Halloween Show Announced

In this Issue: A Trip to Ireland Short Shorts Released FinalRune to Be Haunting Halloween A Promise of Spring For those of us so blessed to live in the temperate regions, the time of year is here again where scent, sounds and light reappear after an austere winter. Feet's worth of snow has melted off, leaving mud and muck and a silly grin that warm days are coming … [Read more...]

RuneScapes for December 08 – New Drama, Short Stories, and a Podcast?

In this Issue: Our Next Show Short Stories to Be Released A Podcast? You're getting this because you've been involved in some capacity with FinalRune in the past few years, whether as part of the actual production or more distantly -- enjoying it and telling me so, telling others, inspiring me, teaching me, or giving me a solid whack on the head when … [Read more...]