Charly Duley

Joe and Charly Duley, Voice Actors


Charly Duley recently moved to the Portland, Maine area with husband Joe Duley to escape the hustle and bustle of Washington D.C. and enjoy the finer aspects of life… such as recording bar scenes in a stifling abandoned mill in Biddeford and accruing odd looks from passersby at local marinas.

She has done extensive work in the Washington DC/Baltimore markets including commercials, spots, imaging, PSAs and narration, most recently heard nationally all over XM Satellite Radio as THE voice of the Zeppelin channel, as well as being the punk channel – Fungus 53, doing a Bob Dylan special for the worldwide release of “Modern Times” and the memorial concert special for Princess Diana.

She has also done a multitude of promotions, imaging and special segments, including “Casey at the Bat” for Home Plate, the XM Baseball channel.