FinalRune Announces Partnership With Echo Fiction

Echo Fiction Audio Theater StoreFinalRune Productions today announced a deliberately non-exclusive content distribution deal with Echo Fiction, the brilliant new audio theater clearinghouse that features streaming downloads of works by dozens of audio drama publishers as well as TONS of behind-the-scenes info, articles, equipment reviews and more.

FinalRune is proud to be featured among the likes of Crazy Dog Audio Theater, Black Jack Justice, The Grist Mill, Dreamseed, and more. As you may recall, I decried the need for such a store about a year ago in the “Original Radio Drama in the 21st Century” article, and my oh my, did Xander deliver with Echo Fiction.

Starting with our next production, Waiting for a Window, you will ONLY be able to download clean, high-quality versions of our shows from Echo Fiction. You will still be able to stream the shows via this website.