FinalRune Appears on MPBN’s “Maine Calling” Alongside Tim Sample and Michele Cobb

MPBN Maine Calling Tim Sample Michele Cobb

MPBN Maine Calling on July 3, 2014 featuring Tim Sample, Fred Greenhalgh, Michele Cobb

FinalRune’s creator Fred Greenhalgh appeared on the July 3, 2014 radio call-in show “Maine Calling” on MPBN with renowned Maine humorist Tim Sample and Audiofile Magazine publisher Michele Cobb.

Fred, Tim, and Michele talked about the past, present, and future of audio drama storytelling, with a hearty discussion of the fundamentals of storytelling (what has and hasn’t changed) and where new technology (recording and distribution) has changed for producers who can now directly access an audience.  Other things include what makes dialect work (or not), where to find new great shows, and where exactly the border to “Northern Massachusetts” should be drawn.