FinalRune Productions to Speak at South by Southwest 2015

South by SouthwestFinalRune Productions is thrilled to announce our forthcoming appearance at South by Southwest 2015 (#SXSW).  Producer Fred Greenhalgh will be a panelist on the topic “Movies in My Head: Audiodrama & Film.”

So-called ‘radio drama’ has transformed in the digital age, bolstered by easy access to audiences through podcasting and the wide distribution of low-cost, high-quality field recorders. Popular serial podcasts have achieved stunning download figures, and some – like Welcome to Nightvale – have entered into other media.

The opportunity for audio drama podcasting to be an ‘incubator’ for film and television properties, and to extend existing brands into a new life through this form of imaginative – but low cost – medium is the heart of this panel. Filmmakers who are ready to experiment with audio drama will learn about the challenges associated with making a movie without a camera, common production techniques and approaches to recording, and potential reach through distribution including ‘freemium’ podcasting models and commercialization through distribution with firms like Audible and

Fred will be joined with Sibby “Patience” Wieland and Sonia James of Sound Stages, and Matthew and Monique Boudreau at Aural Stage Studios.

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