FinalRune Records with the BBC

NYC Recording with the BBC

Yes, you heard that right! On Aug 1-3 we got the opportunity to record with John Dryden, an independent producer whose work is regularly commissioned by the BBC.

John’s impressive production credits include the Peabody-winning The Day That Lehmann Died, A Tokyo Murder, The Handmaid’s Tale, and Fatherland.

The show this time is Severed Threads, a mini series which follows three stories – an investigative journalist uncovering child labor in India, a boy in the United Kingdom obsessed with violent YouTube videos, and a born again Christian in Minneapolis who’s about to have his whole life unravel.

Each story was recorded in the continent where it takes place. In our case, we were recording scenes in New York City intended to take place in small town Minnesota – around a dinner table, in an office building, outside a church.

See some of the terrific actors we worked with during this scene, when Jim is sliced and diced by a television reporter:

The show will be airing on BBC Radio 4 in October, and we’ll definitely let you know when you can hear it!

In the meantime, check out The Day That Lehman Died (BBC Radio Stream) for a taste of this documentary-style field recorded radio drama.