Coming Oct 31: Ghoulish Sounds to Haunt Portland in Live Halloween Radio Drama

FinalRune Productions has announced our first-ever live radio drama event to be performed live on October 31, 2009 from 7 to 9pm at Luther Bonney Hall at USM’s campus in Portland, Maine.

The event, co-sponsored by WMPG and featuring members of the Mad Horse Theater Company, will feature 5 original radio plays by Fred Greenhalgh, Mark LaFlamme, Kevin Anderson, and Roger Gregg. Similar to the old time radio plays of the 1940s, the live show will also be broadcast and sound effects and music will be created live.

“Different groups have been doing this type of show around the country and I thought it was time to bring it to Portland,” said Fred Greenhalgh, Director and Producer of FinalRune Productions and DJ at WMPG, “I’m trying to raise the ante by featuring a range of challenging and exciting original stories. The show will be packed with both thrills and chills and showcase the power of ‘the theater of the mind.’ It will be a really fun night.”

The stories range from the darkly funny to the terrifically dark: a city couple moves to a country mansion to find that all is not as it seems, a man finds himself doomed to fall in love with the same cursed woman, ice fisherman in Maine get an unexpected chill one winter’s night, and a company will rent you laborers at a firesale price… just don’t send any of the living too close to their work.

Radio drama consists of three basic parts – actors reading dialogue, sound effects, and music. The cast for the Halloween production are experienced local stage and voiceover actors, including members of the Mad Horse Theater Company, who recently collaborated with FinalRune Productions in the re-creation of three “Golden Era” radio plays. Sound effects will be created manually in the style of shows such as Prairie Home Companion and original music will be performed live.

Tickets for the show are $10 general admission and $5 for USM students and children, and are available for purchase online: Proceeds benefit WMPG’s PowerUP! Campaign, which seeks to raise $250,000 to upgrade the signal strength of the station’s main transmitter and move it to a better location. The power increase and antenna relocation will dramatically increase the number of potential listeners in the station’s signal range, from 35,000 to 185,000.

The show can also be heard broadcast locally on 90.9 and 104.1 FM, and on WMPG’s live internet stream: The show will also be available for download on FinalRune’s website,

About FinalRune Productions

FinalRune Productions is dedicated to producing compelling original audio drama. Since their creation in 2006, FinalRune has released nearly a dozen works, including the Ogle-Award winning “Waiting for a Window,” and more recently, the critically-lauded re-creation of “The Most Dangerous Game.” Downloads of plays, production photographs, and articles on the craft are available on FinalRune’s website,