Joe Duley

Joe Duley and Charly Duley, Voice Actors


Joe Duley recently moved to Maine with his wife Charly Duley to escape the hustle and bustle of Washington, D.C., though apparently was caught unsuspecting of the killer moose, man-eating mosquitoes and tweaked out radio producers that inhabiting the Pine Tree State. It was with great gusto and good humor that he joined FinalRune in the role of the beaten-down traveler Davey in the most recent production, Waiting for a Window.

Joe has a hell of a resume in Radio/TV/Film Production, including experience with XM Satellite Radio, WRNR 103.1; The Sailing Channel and various video productions throughout Washington DC, Baltimore, and New York City. Additionally, from 2000- 2005 he contributed to BBC Radio Wales in the UK, and continues to consult and collaborate with independent producers and writers in England and Wales.

Joe claims to “have seen it all,” though we hope that through his experience with FinalRune he’s seen a little bit more…

  • It was fantastic to work with Fred and all the professionals on his team (including sharing the mic’ with my talented wife).
    It was a very unique experience to record a radio play that was done entirely on location…
    There is nothing more stimulating than using your mind’s eye to create a “visual” experience. All I can say is: thank God my nude scenes were on the radio and kept to a minimum.
    Seriously, it is wonderful to be part of an art form which is sorely under-rated yet hopefully on the rise!
    Keep the flam burning, Fred!


    Joe Duley

  • Mary Lancey

    Hi, Joe & Charley,

    We, well, could be kindred spirits.

    Tell me your e-mail address & I shall send you the “Military quote of the Day.”