More Rode Field Gear on the Way

As I’ve reported in my prior article on recording in the field, I happen to love Rode gear – their mics are a great combination of affordability and quality, and the delicious, roomy, field recorded sound you hear in the latest FinalRune shows are largely a result of the Rode NT4 mic

One of the things that troubles the NT4, and practically every mic when in the field, is handling and wind noise.  There’s a foam cover that comes with the NT4 but nothing that will protect you from even modest winds (and we’ve had this thing out on islands off the coast of Maine where it was wailing on us).

We’ve gotten this far using an improvised “blimp,” consisting of a pencil canister, a paint roller handle, rubber bands and a bunch of feather boas, but it really seemed about time to up the ante… And so we ordered two very nice new items from Rode – the Rode Blimp, and the Rode mini boompole.

We expect to really, really like these two new toys.  We’ll do a before/after comparison on the goodies once they arrive from Sweetwater.