RØDE Microphones Signs On to Support The Cleansed

Gear Review: RØDE Microphones
A big box of microphones arrived just in time for Fred’s birthday!

We’re thrilled to announce that RØDE Microphones has signed on as a supporter of FinalRune’s audio work, sending us a selection of microphones to help with our in-studio recording (RØDE Procaster), sound effects recording (RØDE NTG-2 and “Dead Cat”), and video efforts (RØDE VideoMic Pro).

The Australian audio company has a reputation for building quality microphones that sound like models that cost 2x – 3x as much. Their mics are all backed with an incredible 10-year-warranty and we have nothing but praises to sing for their RØDE NT-4 microphone which we use to record nearly all of our location productions.

Gear Review: RØDE Microphones

Our upgraded studio set-up now with RØDE Procaster and Studio Arm

With the mics unboxed we’re already enjoying being able to record better audio in-house (Fred previously has had to borrow studio space to do voiceovers) and are gathering some excellent location sound with the NTG-2.

If you’re as much as a microphone geek as we are, stay tuned to the FinalRune website where we will have reviews of the new gear including our testimonial after having used it in real world (and fairly unique) situations. Thank you, RØDE, we’ll make great use of the gear!