Radio Drama Craft

A selection of websites, articles, and resources pertaining to the craft of creating radio drama, from writing, producing, directing, and getting the thing to sound right in post!

Tony Palermo’s RuyaSonic
Great information on everything from how to mic a “gunshot” to basic principles of live plays and scriptwriting. His “Towards a Radio Drama 101” gives an invaluable reading (listening) list to get through the ropes of radio drama basics, and I still use h

Well Tempered Audio Dramatist
The Well-Tempered Audio Dramatist is an invaluable resource I still consult today. The late master Yuri Rasovsky writes the nitty gritty of audio theater production, from budgeting, planning, writing basics, studio work, and postproduction
Henry Howard’s is a huge resource of weblinks, audio theater groups, reviews, and other radio drama chatter. You can also sign up for the two radio drama/audio theatre mailing lists here.

Independent Radio Drama Productions (UK)
The IRDP feature a nice list of contacts, tips, techniques, as well as great articles on the nature of sound and its power to speak to the audience.

Film Sound Theory
While this site is intended for analysis of sound when it accompanies video, the principles are pretty much the same when you remove the video. A nice resource of the mainstream thinking on sound design theory and practice.

Audio Field Recording Equipment Guide
Great resource covering just about every way you can connect a microphone to a device outside the studio environment. Includes reviews of some newer equipment along with old stuff like MD players and CD-Rs. Similar application to radio drama

All about EQ
Not having an audio engineering background, this tutorial on EQ has been very helpful in figuring out how to handle my mixes.

National Audio Theatre Festivals
The NATF is America’s only week-long festival/conference dedicated to the exploration of audio theatre. I attended it in 2007 and HIGHLY recommend it both for audio theater newbies and more experienced producers.

The Williamette Radio Workshop
The Willamette Radio Workshop is a professional theatrical organization dedicated to the creation of original material for presentation on the Radio, Internet, as Compact Disks or whatever audio venues are available or appropriate. Affiliated with the NW

Organized for public radio, Transom has a wealth of resources about equipment, recording techniques, and more. Plus some good, offbeat, (nonfiction) stories.

Libertarian Spirit's Blog
Blog for Tim Crook, author “Radio drama: theory and practice” with thoughtful analysis of the material being produced by the BBC, with some attention to the independent audio drama movement and professional producers in the USA

Social Sound Design
A fantastic resource for recording SFX – while aimed toward film pretty much every topic is relevant for audio drama. Ask or answer questions!

Audio Levels – A Transom Article
Jeff Towne’s reviews and articles on are amazing. This is an authoritative, practical, hands-on guide to understanding levels, one of the most challenging aspects of audio for new producers.

Moulton Labs
Website for David Moulton, audio engineer and producer, author, composer, educator and acoustician. Dozens of in-depth articles on loudness, EQ, mastering, how the ear works, and other gems. Fairly technical.

So You Wanna Create a Radio Drama?
The (Increasingly) Definitive Resource List for Aspiring Audio Dramaturges – penned by yours truly, really a summary of the different aspects of radio drama production with links to resources for learning more

Writing for Audio Theatre
A splendid essay by Roger Gregg with a delightful audio sketch proving some points about what makes good audio drama and what… not so much

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