Radio Drama in the New Year

Well, things have been quiet since the release of Dark Passenger on Halloween, but we have exciting plans for the New Year, both in terms of audio production and on the site itself.

It’s always been a goal for to become more of an audio theater hub/knowledge source, and while my show Radio Drama Revival has taken over much of my ambitions to feature and promote exciting new work, I still want to use this site as a place to discuss thoughts and experience with the craft. On that light, soon we will be producing some audio production tutorials and other hands on learning pieces based on our experience in the studio.

But of course, our first love is the story, and in early spring expect to hear more about our next release, Waiting for a Window, a tale about a man who ends up on a strange tropical island where it’s oddly impossible to escape.

Until then, keep on listening and let us know what you think of our shows!