Recording Commences on The Cleansed

Some time in the not so distant future, the world as we know it is starting to unravel. The United States is mired in unwinnable wars, gas is scarce and the transportation system grinds to a halt. Homegrown terrorists take out the electric grid. Food is strictly rationed and distributed by the military. As citizens grow increasingly angry with the government, martial law is called in to maintain peace.

And then things really start to get bad.

So is the world we enter at the start of The Cleansed, a new post-apocalyptic sci-fi serial penned by Fred Greenhalgh. This series has been over a decade in the works, and so it is with great enthusiasm that we announce that recording of the pilot has begun.

FinalRune assembled the best cast to date (that seems to happen on every new show we do!) for an intense, action-packed, scary and tragic story of a group of soldiers and civilians in Bangor, Maine who need to band together to survive the man-made apocalypse.

The prologue/pilot will air Halloween night on WKIT, Stephen King’s own rock and roll radio station, as well as on WMPG in Portland, Maine. If you’re nowhere near either of those two places you can stream it live during the Transcontinental Terror audio horror fest.

Mucho Gracias to the Town of Biddeford, Maine for letting us record at their Airport, as well as Man, who let us use his house.

Cleansed Radio Drama Photos
Brent Askari (left) warns Paul Drinan and Kym Dakin about rebel soldiers who are igniting jet fuel

Cleansed Radio Drama Photos
Randall Farr records as Burke Brimmer, Lisa Muller-Jones, and Chris Newcomb rush towards an abandoned home during the apocalypse

Cleansed Radio Drama Photos
Rylee Ann Doiron and Philip Hobby sprint for safety after a military air base is assualted by rebel soldiers.