The Cleansed – Season 1 – Episode 3

Cleansed Post Apocalyptic Podcast Chapter 11

Episode artwork by Simon Adams

Dawn is a dim glow on the horizon of the Refuge when savage cries echo from the horizon. Moments later, the chalky rain-starved land turns into an inferno that David and his motley survivors must stop at all costs. Further down the river, Prophet collapses into a heap and Luke runs off looking for help. As Prophet flits in and out of consciousness, he pushes Maria to make a decision that will change the path of everything to come.

In the Republic, the fanfare of C-Day is over and Lucian, ever the loyal worker, heads back down for another day at the slag pits… But something’s not right. Saul plays a dangerous game, charming the Republic’s High Council and eeking secrets from the young boy Zeke.

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Written/Directed/Produced by Fred Greenhalgh


  • Kate Gurney as Maria
  • Philip Hobby as Luke
  • Paul Drinan as John Prophet
  • Chris Newcomb as David
  • Burke Brimmer as Chris
  • Pope Brock as Jonas
  • Gary Dixon as Carl and Foreman
  • Reggie Hodges as Lucian
  • Gary Hauger as Don and Councilor 2
  • Brent Askari as Saul
  • Richard Mac as Richard
  • William Dufris as Councilor 1
  • Dylan Chestnutt as Zeke
  • Nate Speckman as Republic 1
  • Additional voices by Andrew Sawyer, Erik Moody, PG Lorusso and Nat Angstrom


  • Field sound:  Randall Farr
  • Production assistance: David Turner and Samantha Mason
  • Sound design by Matthew Boudreau
  • Original score by Hubert Campbell
  • Additional sound by Mind’s Eye Productions

This production was recorded on location at the North Dam Mill in Biddeford Maine and other locations in Southern Maine

Special thanks to:

Jennifer Stonehouse, Black Kettle Farm, Carolyn Gosselin, Doug Sanford, the City of Biddeford, Tammy Ackerman, Amy Titcomb, Bill Dufris, Coffee by Design, WMPG, RODE Microphones, the ZOOM Corporation

Production Photos:

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