The Cleansed – Season 1 – Episode 4

Cleansed Post Apocalyptic Podcast Episode 4

Episode art by Simon Adams

Having made her decision to continue on the journey, Maria follows John’s direction and steers their canoe downriver. But evils lay before them in this torn land. In a bleak homely homestead in the woods, amidst stacks of rusted up junk cars and a hodge-podge hydro-mill, Maria and John encounter a monster – one that walks on two legs. Can they survive a horror of this hopeless age?

Meanwhile, in the Republic, Lucian finds himself out of hope and alone in the sewers. All seems lost, until a man emerges from the deep, promising him a life of redemption if he only pledges fealty to God in heaven. Little does Lucian know that this wandering preacher is looking for something, too… And what they’re looking for has the power to upset the equilibrium of their fair city and usher in the ultimate battle.

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Written/Directed/Produced by Fred Greenhalgh


  • Kate Gurney as Maria
  • Philip Hobby as Luke
  • Paul Drinan as John Prophet
  • Dave Marshall as Tully
  • Kym Dakin as Sam
  • Chris Newcomb as David
  • Burke Brimmer as Chris
  • Pope Brock as Jonas
  • Gary Dixon as Carl
  • Eric Moody as Paul
  • Reggie Hodges as Lucian
  • Cole Amorello as Amos
  • Dylan Chestnutt as Zeke
  • Brent Askari as Saul
  • Johnny Speckman as Officer
  • Additional voices by the cast


  • Field sound:  Randall Farr
  • Production assistance: David Turner and Samantha Mason
  • Sound design by Matthew Boudreau
  • Original score by Hubert Campbell
  • Additional sound by Mind’s Eye Productions

This production was recorded on location at the North Dam Mill in Biddeford Maine and other locations in Southern Maine

Special thanks to:

Jennifer Stonehouse, Black Kettle Farm, Woolever Farm, Carolyn Gosselin, Doug Sanford, the City of Biddeford, Tammy Ackerman, Amy Titcomb, Bill Dufris, Coffee by Design, WMPG, RODE Microphones, the ZOOM Corporation